News Update for Today

Hello everyone.  I planned to get out a new review for your today, ‘Honest Fibs’ by Nicholas C Rossis.  That review is still coming but not sure if it will be today or tomorrow.  I had a bad weekend and despite my happy demeanour I’ve had a lot of trouble over the weekend personally which led to a lot of upset.  The new week is here and I’m ready to get back into things but some new news about amazon, in fact two pieces of information have brought about a set of questions and concerns which may affect many people in the future, including my ability to post book reviews on amazon US  (I might be breaking the rules right now :/ ) .  You may have heard the news but there’s more to discuss.   Not only that but I seem to have incurred a personal attack on my reviews on amazon again with many of them being voted down but with excessive amounts of negative ‘unhelpful’ votes, which comes across as targeted rather than genuinely unhelpful.  While I don’t care if my ranking plummets I dislike people using amazon’s ‘helpful’ voting system in this manner as it destroys the whole point of the review system.

I plan to write up a blog post all about this but it will take me some time.  I want to gather up all my thoughts and it will be a long post but I’ll try to bring it in a easy to read and understand manner.  So later today hopefully I’ll put that out and I’d welcome feedback.  In the meantime thank you for following this blog.  Having this blog to return to when things go wrong in life is really keeping me together.  if I didn’t have this, not sure what state I’d be in right now :/


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