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More Fun and Cute: Kitty’s Cat Colouring Book Two


I was kindly sent  a free copy of this second colouring book of the series by the illustrator Kitty Blake for review.  I really loved Book One and this ‘Kitty’s Cat book two’ does continues the cute, fun colouring, here is my review:

I still can’t get enough of this cute cat! After trying out Kitty’s Cat Book one I couldn’t wait to get my hands on book two, more of these cute patterned cats. This book is around A4 in width though a little shorter than A4 in height. Inside are 20 different patterned cats. The pages are all crisp white and although a little thinner than some colouring books they are still a good enough thickness to colour on and the designs are on only one side of the page so no problems of bleeding through, though I’d still advise using a card under the design to make sure if you plan to use felt pens or something like that.


There are 40 images in total inside this book. The first 20 are all large sized and fit on one paper each. Every image is of the same basic cat but each has a different pattern. The second 20 images are the same patterned cats as the first but are smaller with two cats fitting on each page. The designs are all very different from geometric shapes to leaves and flowers and swirls. The patterns are different from the first book and vary in how detailed they are. Although you get the same patterns repeated I really don’t mind as I like to change the design and do something completely different the second time.


The two different sizes of cats are very clever as they should fit into picture frames of two sizes. The smaller cats are even the standard size of a greetings card. There are dots around the borders allowing you to cut out the cats and place them in frames, on cards, etc. Every image is in the centre of the page and this means no problems of trying to colour into the spine.

I really can’t get enough of this cute cat. Not only does the cat look cute but I love Blake’s style of illustrations. There is so much colouring to do in this book that it’s well worth the cost, and did I mention just how cute that cat is! I’d recommend this book to anyone who loves colouring, cats and who loves this type of illustration. I’ve been colouring in this book since the moment I got it and I just love it.



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