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Review: Tea Cleanse for Weight Loss by Nikki Sangster


Okay so wordpress IS working better today.  Fingers crossed I can get back to blogging and visiting yours.  I have more than one post to get out today so to start.  I was kindly sent a free copy of this ebook from the author Nikki Sangster.  ‘Tea Cleanse’ is an interesting book, more than just about weight loss, here is my review:’

Many people talk about detoxing your body as a way to lose weight and stay healthy. But with many detoxing diets out there with all manner of unappealing ingredients, this book shows a new method using something so simple and tasty as tea.

‘Tea Cleanse’ is a very interesting book and is about more than just weight loss. The book starts with some interesting facts about tea versus coffee including their origins and the history of the two drinks. This little history lesson is interesting and worth the quick read. As the book continues it compares coffee to tea, showing the benefits of tea over coffee, before going into more details of tea and how do use it in a detox plan.

When I first started reading this book I thought the focus would be purely on green tea for health, but I’m glad to see that the tea mentioned includes all kinds, black, green, white, rooibos, etc. and even herbal. As this book is about detoxing using tea, there is a lot of information about why it is good to go through a detox and what health benefits you’ll get from it. What I like is that during the detox you are still able to eat, just avoid certain types of food but it’s not a tea only plan which is good.

There are recipes for different types of tea to have throughout the day. Now I am a tea drinker and include a wide variety of herbal drinks into my diet but even I didn’t imagine so many different recipes. It’s not one set recipe for one day though which means if you really can’t tolerate one tea you can always choose another to have instead. The recipes are all pretty simple but do require some time boiling water with various herbs and spices, though there are also some detox smoothies which faster to make and great for variation.

After reading this book I have yet to go on a proper tea cleanse. Being a type 1 diabetic makes it a little tougher for me as I need to factor in adjustments to my insulin but it’s something I am keen on doing as I’ve been on detoxes before and I love tea so this really appeals to me. I know from some friends that a couple of the teas do work wonders in detoxing and cleansing your colon, so I’d assume the others would be of benefit too. Even if you don’t plan on going on a proper detox I still think this book is worth getting for all the interesting information about tea and the various recipes to try.

Rating: 5/5

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4 thoughts on “Review: Tea Cleanse for Weight Loss by Nikki Sangster

  1. Cleanses are difficult for most people to commit to correctly. As a form of fasting, it does remove toxins from your body, but it also stresses the body to balance cellular ratios like salts-to-water, fats-to-amino acids. The benefits of a tea cleanse is that it helps to stimulate and support this natural process with the simple chemistry that the teas provide. The tannins of tea act like scrubbers to keep the body clean, while the fasting prevents any intake of unwanted and harmful toxins.

    This is a fair review about tea cleanse. It’s spot on.

    Would you mind if I put a link to your website on mine ? There are people interested in this commitment to their health.

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  2. Interesting.. see some say too much green tea us bad.

    I diabetes what a pain…mum is diabetic tyoe 2… i guess you could get advise before trying. ..or a half way house.. quite difficult

    I think hot water is an amazing cleanser… and certain teas help cleanse futrher..

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    1. Yes, the diet is full of various different tea types so it’s not all green :). I have to be careful as a type 1 but it’s not impossible to do any kind of cleanse, just need to be careful and maybe seek a doctor’s advice :).

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