Daily Prompt Poetry: The Value of Me


This is a poem inspired by the daily prompt word Value.  I hope this post links to the prompt page.  Fingers crossed.

The Value of Me

The cost was nothing, the price so small,

You asked from me, I gave you all.

Never spoke back, never complained,

Though everyday, you left me drained.

Heard the excuse, heard your lie,

But when I question, you’d deny.

Every day, I’d cry I’d shed,

Tears for you, then something red.

You’d see, how you knew the truth,

Blamed it always, on my youth.

Wouldn’t bare, to take the blame,

Tell everyone, make me feel shame.

Continued ’till, the very end,

Never once, tried to mend.

You did this, gave every pill,

To see me now, cold and still.


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Poetry: The Value of Me

  1. Oh this is beautiful… i know it is full of pain. ..but the beauty i see is in the release if all that stocked up pain we all hold . With these words we release the past… and make space for something new and positive to fill the space that has been created by this release.

    Very powerful piece

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