I’m Having WordPress Problems

Sorry guys, I’m having trouble getting anything done here on wordpress right now.  No idea why, I thought it was a browser issue but I’ve had no trouble on any website other than wordpress.  😦   The reader doesn’t want to work for me, and when it does it’s super slow and gets stuck all the time, and the whole site is just slow when viewing the stats page or main page, basically anything with that blue wordpress borders doesn’t work for me well.  So I’m missing people’s posts as the reader isn’t working well.  I’m trying to visit via email links or social media but I’m really sorry.  I’m struggling as it is to manage my time but for the site to slow to a crawl when I do have the time is so depressing.

If anyone has social media accounts on the blogs I follow please post them here (if I don’t follow you already).  It’s one way I can link directly to your site in the hopes of reading posts.  For those that don’t I think I’m subscribed to your sites so that’s okay but please forgive me for missing some posts.

If anyone knows what could be causing issues or where I can ask for help please let me know.  The wordpress ‘happiness’ engineers don’t seem to exist.  I’ve already encountered problems of my daily prompts no longer showing on the prompt page (even though I use the pingback correctly) and have gone to support and ask for help and tried to contact them.  It leads me to a box to ask my question in a forum.  A forum which seems dead as nobody has answered 😦 .  Where are the wordpress people, anyone know?  Please tell me.

I’m hoping this is a temporary thing but it is making my life on wp so much harder 😦  .

Thank you for the new follows and support, I really appreciate everyone who follows this blog and reads my posts.  Feel free to always comment on any post or page.  I do try to reply to every comment here :).  I’ll hopefully have something up for you tomorrow but not sure about today. :/


22 thoughts on “I’m Having WordPress Problems

    1. Do you know where to contact them? I literally go to the only place I can see where it says support and it leads me to the forums. Maybe I don’t know where to go. Btw than k you for the email, I will check out thoe posts 🙂 ❤

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      1. Hmmm. I go to the plan and there’s no email support. There’s a get help button whih I press and it leads me to this is that the right page, when I click contact us it leads to a forum question box :(. Do you have their email address? I could always send them an email if I had it, the worst they would say is no. I’m not able to afford an upgrade right now, maybe next year but right now I just cant 😦

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      2. It seems a touch better now I’ve gone on it this evening. Fingers crossed it will get better. But the daily prompt thing is as far as I know still broken 😦 I’ll have to try and create a new prompt today and see what happens. Thank you for your help 🙂 ❤ I'll get back to reading posts soon, I'm writing up reviews right now :).

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  1. If you don’t have premium subscription you won’t get email support. WordPress regularly slows to a standstill so it’s best to be flexible with your blogging time. It works a bit like Google with a shared data pool. If a blog is getting tons of page views that might will slow down the entire system.

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    1. Thank you for commenting. It does seem to be getting worse on the whole though. I can’t believe you cant get email support without a subscription. Free sites always offer support via email, this is the first time I’ve heard of them not doing this. The forums are supposed to be staffed by these engineers but they seem dead too :(. Thank you again 🙂

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      1. Good luck with the forums. You’ll probably learn to code faster than you would get a response. My sympathies. I’ve been through it all. I hope you’ll be all right soon.

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  2. I’m having problems, too…. Purrseidon’s post went though fine – cats & pumpkins. BUT my ‘ray of light’ post supposedly was published a few minutes ago, yet it doesn’t show in my reader… it was political in tone – mainly about our president trying to turn control of the internet over to the UA … that was supposed to begin today…. at least 4 states are trying to block this, but I don’t know if they’ve been successful….

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    1. Thanks for commenting. Sorry I haven’t had the chance to read the post but I did notice an email notification of it. I’ll check the post out, that’s a terrible thing for the government to do. I think the reader is seriously messed up. I keep loading a white screen an when posts finally do appear they often disappear when the I click on them, so frustrating.

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      1. Mine seems better this morning… did you hear if the UN took over the internet? If so, dare I theorize that the day we had reader issues & the day they took over was not a coincidence?

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