The Respect Blog Award

respect award

I was nominated for this award a while ago by my good friend Vicki from The Page Turner.  Check out her blog she does a lot of book reviews as well as other posts, she’s also the author of the book I’ve just reviewed ‘The Path of the Child’ – well worth the read, so check her and the book out :)! .  Thank you so much Vicki! :).

Ok, so The Respect Blog Award has rules and here they are:

  • Place the Award on Your Blog
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the 3 questions
  • Nominate 3 bloggers to receive the award

So to start with here are the three questions and I’ll answer each in turn: What do respect mean to you?  Who do you respect the most? What do I respect the most about myself?

What does respect mean to you?

To me respect is very important.  Respecting someone’s different opinions or beliefs is important.  To me it means being able to accept a different opinion, to accept that someone is different from me, has different tastes, beliefs but to recognise that they are a fellow human being and deserve to be treated with kindness and compassion.  The same goes with animals.

Who do you respect the most?

People who are kind, helpful and true.  Those that stand up for a good cause, those that stand up for the right thing, even if the majority are against them.  I respect those people who don’t compromise their beliefs but who at the same time are open minded and open to changing their mind if their own beliefs are shown to be wrong.  People who help others, who go out of their way to look after those who are down, those who have nothing.  And I respect everyone who can be honest – honesty is so important to me 🙂

What do I respect most about myself?

I respect my honest.  The fact I always try to help others and be kind.  I respect my love for all creatures and the fact that through all the bad experiences I’ve had, I’ve managed to push past them into something good.


Now there are far too many people whom I respect to give this award to.  I don’t like following award rules when it comes to nominating as I always feel bad if somebody doesn’t want to participate and feel bad for those who might want to but didn’t get nominated.  But in the spirit of this award I want to mention 3 people who I deeply respect and who have been wonderful friends through some troubled times I’ve had recently.  If you are not on this list feel free to still do the award, in fact let me know and I’ll add your name below :).  But please don’t think it means I don’t respect you.  I have a deep respect for everyone who I know and who follows this blog.  And for those that don’t want to do this feel free to just ignore it too :).  So the three nominees:




Now I don’t expect anyone to do this award.  but if you don’t follow these blogs please do check them out.  They are wonderful people and some wonderful and different posts to read :).

Thank you for reading this respect award.  Very apt after the ‘Respect the Reviewer’ articles I’ve written.  Just because the theme is so apt, if you haven’t read those articles here are the links for each of the three articles:

Respect the Reviewer 1

Respect the Reviewer 2

Respect the Reviewer 3

And for those of you on social media help me reach new milestones on facebook and twitter:




2 thoughts on “The Respect Blog Award

  1. C, thanks for the nomination. You words on respect are beautiful and i am humbled my your nomination of me for a beautiful awatd on respect . I feel terrible not to accept. I find the nominating process so very hard. All bloggers work so is gard to choose. But i am humbled by this award because it is on respect and all the good qualities of human being .. a lot of what my blog stands for.

    I respect our friendship and i feel so humbled by this nomination as means a lot coming from a good friend.

    Speak soon and take care.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome fot the nomination and I hope you get some more traffic to your site. That’s my primary reason for putting up nominations. I hate the whole nominating process too – perhaps I should have put anyone 😮 :/ lol you take care 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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