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Review: Flexible Dieting by Nathan Bennett


I was kindly sent a free copy of this ebook ‘Flexible Dieting’ by the author Nathan Bennett for a review.  It’s a great introduction to a form of dieting without restrictions, here is my review:

Dieting is a word many of us hate. The idea of restricting food to be able to lose weight and stay healthy is something that most of us don’t want to do. But Flexible Dieting is different and in this book you can learn how to lose and maintain your weight without having to stop eating the food you love.

This ebook is a short read at just 48 pages but is a great introduction into the world of flexible dieting. As someone who’s lost weight and done the yo-yo of putting it back on again I’ve adopted the flexible dieting style system into my own life a few years back and have kept the weight off.

The first part of the book explains the idea of flexible dieting and explains the reasons why traditional diets don’t work, comparing the affects of them to the flexible diet along with interesting information into the psychological effects of dieting. It then goes on to explain what macronutrients are and helps you work out how to create your own ‘flexible diet’ tailored to your own body weight, age and activity level.

The book is very much a beginner’s guide and if you have experience in dieting and eating healthily then this book is possibly too simple for you. However I can see this helping a lot of people who have either never heard of flexible dieting or have never tried it. The whole point of this kind of diet is that nothing is restricted and that’s why I like this book.

There is an equation in the book that helps show you how to calculate how much energy you use during the day, giving you an idea on how much to eat. This isn’t a hard equation but you’ll need a calculator. Unfortunately it fails to mention that the multiplications should be done ahead of any other calculations and I’d advise just clicking on the link provided on the next page as it lets you calculate your weight, height, etc. using imperial as well as metric measurements.

Overall this is a great beginner’s book. As I said if you know about all this then the book probably won’t interest you however if you’ve never heard of flexible dieting or how to do it then it’s a good first step. It doesn’t go into too much detail but you will learn how to eat well and not feel like you’re on a diet anymore. The book even tells you it’s okay if you slip up and overindulge. Of course flexible dieting doesn’t mean you can always binge on fatty and sweet foods. You still need the strength to follow the guidance but this book makes it feel easy and is certainly a book I would have liked years back when I first embarked on losing weight.

Rating: 4/5

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