Daily Prompt Poetry: The Facade


This is a dark poem with a dark image (no idea who this is just a pic from pixabay!) for today’s daily prompt challenge the word being façade.

The Façade

You hid it well, thought yourself so clever,

You believed that I, would suspect it never.

Continued to smile, biding your time,

All the while, committing your crime.

Boring a hole, right from the start,

You tried to reach, destroy my heart.

But you didn’t know, the truth I saw.

You made a mistake, a fatal flaw.

I could see right through, your façade,

I wouldn’t let you leave me scarred.

So I did what I had to, on that day,

To make you leave, go away.

But I’ll never be asked how or why,

Beacuse unlike you, I know how to lie.


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