Almost 10 Months of Blogging News….

Warning the following post is long but WORTH IT!  🙂  Let me know if you like the new image style posts or think it’s terrible 😮


So, I have been struggling for a bit lately in keeping up with things.  As usual I’m feeling overwhelmed with things and it’s resulted in me being less active on wordpress again than I would like.  The last few months have been amazing for me and I wouldn’t change them for anything, despite a few hiccups along the way.  I thought I’d write up this post to let you know what’s been happening and what I have planned so hopefully you’ll want to stick around and keep reading this blog :).

Let me start by saying that September has been an amazing month so far.  There’s been an official end, a backdoor permanently installed, if you will, on the horrible mess of ‘bad’ authors I had to deal with.  Having been through those experiences I’m happy to report that I’ve not faced another author with such strange mood or attitude again.  I think my Respect the Reviewer article on how to find contact and get along with reviewers has really helped in both getting an understanding from authors on how to act with me and it’s helped me in not feeling like a doormat anymore, someone who can be pushed around and yelled at.  For many years I’ve suffered low confidence and low self esteem and the last few months have really led to some changes.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article on My Trending Stories (and reposted it here) called Why Blog Can it Save You Life.  Now this article has been shared a bit too and is a personal post about me and what blogging has done but just to make it that bit better I’ve now had the post re-published on an amazing site called Project Believe in Yourself or PBIY.  This is an amazing website that I urge everyone to check out, just spend a couple of minutes visiting and see if it’s somewhere you’d like to follow and even get involved.  It’s all about realizing your true potential and making a difference in the world to other people.  Not only has this post been published there (check out the cute penguin!)


but I’ve also been listed as a contributor and been given the honour or putting this badge up on this blog:

pbiy badge

I’ve not been the best contributor though as I’ve not yet joined the forum as I’ve promised to do and will be more active in the coming weeks there.  Please do check out the site though if you can spare a few minutes (most links open in a new tab).

The Big News…


Now for those of you with keen reading of that post I made you will have noticed I said I have started writing.  Well here’s the big news for me for September….I have started writing…a novel!!!

This is bigger news than you can imagine.  For years I’ve struggled with my own self confidence.  I was a creative person in when I was young but upon entering the secondary school system (age 11+) my who self confidence shattered.  Not only did I face problems regarding my isolation as a diabetic (more on that in a future post) but I gained weight and didn’t feel I fitted in which gave me social problems and regular bullying too.  However it’s the school teachers who really drove the knife in any personal worth I had and though I thought I was pretty good at art and English (with room for improvement of course) I left school at 16 believing I was worthless, that my creativity sucked and that I would never, ever, ever, EVER be able to write fiction!  Not only did I develop a deep hatred for my own work but I truly believed that I couldn’t write, that nobody would ever value any story I wrote and worse, that all my story ideas were stupid because they didn’t fit the ideas that others had.

School was soul destroying and had left a deep wound I thought would never heal.  Having spent time firstly on amazon writing reviews (which I still love doing today and hope I’m still providing helpful honest reviews), I then took the plunge and started writing poetry.  When that was well received I moved into writing articles on subjects I cared about, this too was well received.  After publishing my Respect the Reviewer series of articles (click here for one, two and three).  I got my post about contacting reviewers published on several other blogs.  It was shared and re-blogged around the web.  It’s probably the most viral post I’ve ever had which is amazing considering I thought only a few people would ever be interested in reading it.  This alone gave me confidence in my own writing, be it non-fiction.  My foray into social media has worked wonders and I’ve met so many wonderful people and have even been ‘pushed’ by some to do more on my blog.  I’ve embraced every ‘push’, every challenge that has come my way and I am in such a different place now than I was a year ago.


For those who have read my about page you’ll know I was left shattered after something happened to me.  No I’m still not ready to tell you what that was, it’s still too raw, but considering I still didn’t have much confidence in myself and wasn’t even sure if I could review a book well, let alone write one shows just how far I’ve come.

Meeting so many new people, bloggers, writers, readers, etc., plus reading lots of books and reviewing them (which really helps you know how a book works and doesn’t) has started a new phase for me.  A phase I am embracing with open arms and that is my own fiction writing.  Whether I write something decent or not is something I’ll not be able to answer myself and whether I do and how long it would take to write a novel is again something I just can’t say.  But I’ve got a new thrill in doing something I’ve always dreamed of doing.  So that’s the big news.  I am writing again.  Of course the last few days of creative writing have caused me to get all messed up with schedules and things.  I have so many things happening that I’m all over the place.  Of course I will keep up the book reviewing and poetry which is quite fun and cathartic experience for me :).  But I don’t want to lose the buzz and my new found love of writing so I’m currently struggling to find the balance.  I WILL get there and sort myself out.  I just wanted to let everyone know what’s happening.  I’ve wanted to be a novelist since I was 13 and I now think that maybe, just maybe, one day I will be :).

The coming weeks on my blog are going to get more hectic (hence the struggling to make it work) but I’m glad of the extra stuff that I’ll be doing and I hope you’ll want to keep on reading this blog despite my slight absences on wordpress.  I will try to keep up with all your blogs but I need a bit of time to sort myself out and with the new writing buzz I don’t want to stop the flow of creativity so I may be late in responding to comments or will be putting out blog posts scheduled again.

So what’s happening?….


I’ve decided to let you know and set some goals.  This week – tomorrow!!!- there will be my first ever author interview!!!  It’s the first interview or Q&A I’ll be holding (thank you Andrew for pushing me to do this) and I hope you’ll all take a look at my questions and the wonderful answers by the author Darrell Drake.  That post will come out early tomorrow (Tuesday 27th).  A review of his new release will be up later this week too.

The second thing I plan for October is to get a page on the website of all my appearances on the web.  Okay maybe more for myself than anyone else but I thought it would be nice to have a one page where you can go to all the various links if you want to see what other places I’ve guest posted in – turns out it’s a lot! 😮

In November I have a giveaway planned with another coming out December/January.  These along with many fun reviews and possible other things in the future are going to make my one year anniversary feel special! 🙂  Not sure which day to celebrate.  I ‘officially launched’ my website/blog on 16th December but my first blog post which netted a follower and likes (thanks to tags) was 30th November – which date do you think I should celebrate?  Considering it’s also my birthday in November I’d like your input, will I have a celebration close to b-day or about a month apart? 😀


I’ll plan something for my birthday too.  Not a giveaway necessarily but something :).


That’s it for now!  Hope you can join me for the next two fun filled and happy months! :).  Check out tomorrow’s interview and I’ll have some more reviews soon.  Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be asking YOU for reviews! 😮

Thank you so much everyone!  It’s because of you I’ve gained all my confidence and because of you that I continue to write this blog.  I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you guys and I would never have dared to publish poetry or articles let alone now delve into fiction writing without your continued support.  Thank you for every like, share and follow.  I really appreciate every one of you who comes here and reads my words.  Thank you and I hope you’ll enjoy happymeerkatreviews for a long time 🙂 ❤ .

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21 thoughts on “Almost 10 Months of Blogging News….

  1. That is awesome news and it’s great to keep us all updated 🙂 I can’t wait to see where your writing takes you and love all the plans you have for your blog. As for your links, never a problem, it’s always good to add them 🙂 Take care hun

    Liked by 1 person

      1. 🙂 You work at a better pace than me. I try to fit in too many things at once and mess up quite a bit. I need to learn to slow down and do things better, more exacting. We all have our demons.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s not demonic to be over enthusiastic and try to do everything at once 🙂 ❤ . I have a similar problem in that I make plans but forget to factor in the fact that I might need a break once in a while! I promise to do x,y and z in a certain amount of time and then I usually am late lol. Guess there's always room to learn and improve 🙂 ❤ ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I agree! ❤ I embrace my inner demon that refuses to let me relax. I am attemoting to slow it down just a tad, to be more concientious! 🙂 It is a self help task I have given myself. Loved today's review on Flexible Dieting.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Good luck with your novel and it was heart rendering to read about your experiences from school. I always hoped my students would want to continue to love reading and to be writers of whatever they wished but the exam system and grading can damage. Not all published and successful writers did well at school. You obviously have a love and passion and your blog shows and shares this. I have finally ‘finished’ my first novel and it took about a year with lots of life in between! Now it is hard revising and checking it it. I think I need to do a chapter a day. Sometimes I lose confidence in it when I am re reading. However I did read and show friends chapters early on and that encouraged me. It’s worth getting to that final chapter so I’m sure you will. But true I haven’t blogged so much or kept up with others and blogging has certainly helped me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and also your wonderful comments. The teachers I had at school were not the best people. Lacked passion and constantly criticized work rather than praised anything good. I think I already went through bullying problems which just added to my sensitivity over anything critical. I did have one teacher though who believed I would succeed and my exam results were better with that teacher so go figure the teachers attitudes may have a lot to do with how pupils adjust as adults. I’m sure you’re a wonderful teacher :).
      I am nervous about showing off my work or even reading it back to myself until I have written enough of my first draft. I think I would personally keep re-writing the first chapter over and over if I didn’t just keep writing and try to ignore it. I figure I can always edit them but with so many different scenes in my head it’s better to get the all down first. lol. Good luck with your novel and I wish you well in editing it. It’s nice to meet other people who are in a similar situation, it’s like we can all help each other out, that’s certainly what I’ve found with this wordpress community. I don’t think I ever would have gotten back the confidence to write if it hadn’t been for wonderful and supportive people here including yourself 🙂 ❤ Take care

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have shared some parts with friend but not my husband yet. Now it’s finished I might be able to face his constructive but possibly critical feedback! Yes, you do need to get the flow of the novel going. Mine was going to be shorter and them I found another part I could add. I am pleased with that part. Keep going and be confident and make it an enjoyable and interesting read. What more can we do!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. All images are cute
    Congrats on your achievements
    Wonderful olans for the future of blog and writtung a novel
    Celebrate both dates as both are significant.

    The past may have been unplesant but it brought you here today. Let go the past it is gone , dont let it cloud today.

    Wish you every success with your hectic schedule .. i am sure you will smash it and do well. Have a good day.. regards bella

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Great. I am trying to be smart with my time and respond to blogs on my smart phone, but the fat finger typos I make are awful. I am glad i have helped you in whatever little way i have. I read your other comments about teachers at school. My school like was not much better – i got bulled and all sort.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. LOL! I’ve done! Fat finger typos! Don’t worry. I notice a lot of people’s responses are sometimes a little ‘off’. As are mine so that’s why I sometimes post spelling mistakes. Sorry to hear you had similar bullying experience at school. I like to think that we are better people than those who bullied us and in a better place today than them. 🙂 ❤ ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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