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An Editorial Review! And more thank yous and news

I’ve been a buyer on amazon for long enough to see what are called ‘Editorial Reviews’.  They are the reviews you see before you scroll down to the buyer reviewers.  The editorial reviews are usually detailed and of course say how wonderful a book or item is.  Sometimes an editorial review will come from a magazine reviewer but either way editorial reviews are there as they are trusted and can always be read before you get to the customer reviews.  So, when I had published my review of Dan Alatorre’s great science fiction book The Navigators, I was told by Mr Alatorre himself that he’d add it to the editorial reviews.  However until now I hadn’t actually taken a look!  So imagine how exciting it was to see this when I did a search on amazon US:


Click on this link and scroll down!!!

Not only has my review for The Navigators been placed in the Editorial Reviews slot but it’s been emphasised in all the best parts! 🙂

Ok, so maybe this isn’t the biggest news in the world but every time somebody likes one of my posts or reviews I get a twinge of excitement so imagine what a dance I was doing when I saw this!  Thank you everyone, I hope you continue to enjoy my reviews and if you’ve visited my blog’s front page you’ll have seen I’ve now added something to the sub heading following Trusted Honest Reviews:


I thought it would better reflect what’s happening on my blog as it’s about more than reviews these days.

I have an exciting few weeks coming up for this blog.  Going to take things slowly so I don’t over stress myself but I have some great reviews coming, an interview next week, giveaways before Christmas and I’m also involved in a new project which I’ll tell you about soon.  In the meantime I hope you enjoyed my latest poetry and review and I’ll have another review of an urban YA fantasy tomorrow!

Thank you to all my new followers here on this blog as well as those who now follow me via twitter, facebook and bloglovin’.  It’s because of you that this blog exists today.  If it wasn’t for your continual reading and support all this would be a skeleton site of amazon reviews. (explanation here) But thanks to you I’ve grown in self confidence and I hope you continue to enjoy what I write.  Thank you all!!!!!



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