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Stop all the hate

Important information for all writers and authors. Don’t be in competition with each other and don’t hate those who are there to read your book. Well worth a good read for any writers out there.

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So, I’m seeing a lot of negativity from some writers on the net.

Since creative people are tangled in a vast swathe of emotions and sensations, negativity is certainly part of that tapestry and it has it’s place.

But too much and everything becomes dull. Now the negativity I’m speaking of isn’t even the expected kind – you know that self-hating, self-doubting type we writers sometimes find following us around like a bad smell.

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5 thoughts on “Stop all the hate

  1. Great post! It’s weird; I’ve actually never experience any kind of negativity as a book reviewer (although I can be cynical or critical). I do know it exists though, and I agree with a lot of the points you’ve made. Everything is a competition and everyone is a rival, and people assume that that automatically allows catty behaviour. Yes, people might think a writer’s book is the best, and that’s great, but there are also those who think it was the worst, and then somehow that becomes a problem. Why can’t there be gracious “losers” too? 🙂

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    1. I thought it a good idea to share the post because I have been on the receiving end of ‘bad’ behaviour. Suprisingly authors have taken a dislike to a 4 star review and the general attitude if you come across it is really terrible. I’m glad you’ve never experienced it yourself. There are only a small few authors who are that bad but I agree, why can’t they act dignified and not be a sore loser :). Thanks for the comment 🙂

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      1. Dislike even to a 4 star review?!That seems more like a reflection of their own personality (self-conscientious), rather than your “rubbishness” as a reviewer, if they feel like 4/5 isn’t good enough!

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      2. Yeah I think the authors have a problem with themselves, and the author who lost it with me over the 4 star review had personal issues so I’m not taking it personally myself anymore. One thing authors do need to do is grow a thicker skin, bad reviews will always be there but if a 4 star is seen as bad because it’s not 5, well that person’s going to have issues throughout life 😮 !

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