Daily Prompt Poetry: Abandoned


Sorry for following the funny King Baby review with something so dark.  A warning, I’ve been feeling quite low this afternoon and this just came out, it’s not remotely happy or funny.  It’s a poem inspired by my mood and the daily prompt word: Shiver


In the dark you left me,

Alone to face the pain.

Drove my heart all crazy,

Made me feel insane.

Cried myself to sleep when,

Abandoned me you did.

Could not face to leave here,

Happiness forbid.

Saw you happy, smiling,

Pleased with you new life.

Every time I see you,

Your happiness a knife.

Cannot find a way out,

Away from all I feel.

Cannot stand to stay here,

A promise I do seal.

A simple act, so easy,

I shiver from the cold.

Hate myself, can’t stand me,

Repeatedly I scold.

Everything I did wrong,

Memories wash away.

Nothing else now matters,

As I die here on this day.


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