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Review: The Undead Key Saga (Book 1) – Blood Moon by Kimberley Connor

blood moon

I was kindly sent a free digital copy of this book ‘Blood Moon’ by the author Kimberly Connor.  It is a paranormal fantasy with romance too.  Here is my review:

When vampires enter Max’s home and kill his parents they try to do the same to him, but instead leave the boy alive, inheriting their powers.  Grown up, and with the help of his saviour Victor, Max must find Alex, a woman with untold powers before the vampires use her to raise the most evil creature from hell.

‘Blood Moon’ is the first book in the paranormal fantasy series ‘The Undead Key Saga’.  The story starts with a prologue of sorts explaining who Max and Victor are but the main plot is about finding Alex and trying to stop the rising of Dracula.  I haven’t read stories about vampires for a long time and this took me back to my teens when vampire stories were all the rage in books and tv with the likes of Buffy, so I was keen to read this novel.  However, while the plot is a good one there are aspects of this that I just didn’t enjoy.

Although a fantasy story based on vampires this book has a sub plot of romance between two of the main characters.  Now I enjoy romance in novels, sometimes it can add to the plot, but for me the story or love and romance just moved too fast between the two main characters Alex and Max.  Rather than being purely romance the story moves the characters into more intimate moments which just felt a little rushed and awkward for me.

The style of writing is also one I’m not so used to with modern novels these days, with most sentences having adjectives and adverbs to describe everything, making some of the action feel slower or more passive than it should, and almost every time a character would speak there would be a ‘he said’ which I don’t feel is needed as often as this book has it.

Despite my criticisms this book has a great plot.  The main story of Alex, her powers and trying to stop evil is really good.  There are some great action scenes and the descriptions of scary moments and creatures from hell are so good that I winced a couple of times while reading.  The plot is fast paced and it fits well with the overall story though I could have easily enjoyed even more pages in this book without detracting from the story.  The ending of the story is a bit of a cliff hanger but so much happens that it makes you eager to read the next book in the series.  A teaser chapter of the next book is available at the end which shines more light on a connection between two characters.

The book doesn’t have any swearing or anything offensive except for the obvious vampires and some scary descriptions and other slightly intimate moments which probably wouldn’t be good for younger teens to read.  I actually feel that this book would have been better if the romantic scenes had been a little less intimate, or not happen as fast, and the characters were two or three years younger.  That way it would have been perfect for the teen market with it’s fast paced action and target character age.

Overall I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I hoped, given some of the editorial issues, but I can see the potential in this series and for those people who enjoy a fast paced vampire action story with an added romance will enjoy the base plot which is very good.

Rating: 2.5/5

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Book Description:

Drake has risen and he is raining hell on earth. Human existence as we know it may be on the break of extinction as demonic creatures from the depths of hell walk the earth. Alex’s newfound powers may be their only chance for survival. Alex realizes that there is only one man who can calm the storm of new powers that are dwelling deep inside of her. With her sister taken from her grasp and turned into pure evil, Alex struggles with the thought that her sister might have to die in order for the world to survive. The battle between good and evil draws near, a battle Alex is not sure they will win. While the link between sisters grows stronger by the hour, Alex struggles to find a way to break the hold Jasmine has on her. Good may not prevail.


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