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Review: Doing Germany: Book 2 by Agnieszka Paletta

Doing Germany 2

I was kindly sent a free digital copy of this book for review by the author Agnieszka Paletta.  ‘Doing Germany: Book 2’ is the second book in the series.  It’s a funny memoir but my review may reveal a spoiler so if you’d rather see the first book before this one here is my review for ‘Doing Germany’.

Learning to live in a new country with a different language, different customs and a whole new way of life is something that Agnieszka Paletta has done.  As she settles into family life there are still many new and funny things to be found when living in Germany.

This memoir starts right where the first finishes and although it can be read as a stand alone, it’s far better if you read the first book as you’ll be introduced into Paletta’s sense of humour and her whole family set up.  While ‘Doing Germany’ was more about Paletta moving and getting used to living in Germany, in this second book she is far more settled into family life but there are still many observations to be made about how different the culture is and how hard it can sometimes be for a Polish-Canadian immigrant to fit into a country where she still has trouble speaking the language.

I preferred this book to the first one.  It’s filled with more humorous moments and I really laughed out loud at some of the things that were happening such as the way to keep a fussy baby entertained.  The first chapter takes you right into the story and gives you a good idea of the sense of humour you can expect.  Unlike in the first book where Paletta’s viewpoint and stereotypes about germans and Germany could have annoyed some readers, there’s little of that here.  She’s settled well into the country despite her language and culture differences and the story is more focused on the small things about everyday life.

Although about living in Germany this book is really more about an individual story and less about the country.  I felt a better connection to Paletta and along with a lot of humour there are some more poignant moments and one in particular sad moment.  I like the fact that her attitude in this book has changed, there’s more of an acceptance and love for Germany than there was in the first book.

The book has one use of the s swear word and a couple of more adult references which might not be suitable for younger teens.  I again think this book would be better enjoyed by women than men though some men with a sense of humour might enjoy this too.

The ending is predictably similar to the first but it’s still a fun and nice ending to this book.  Although Paletta’s story is focused more on family life than that of a single woman I still found it easy to relate to her and the others in the book.  With yet another book planned I’m looking forward to reading more about her life.

Review: 4.5/5

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Book Description:

DOING GERMANY is a series of books for those who are looking for an easy read and to laugh. This is the second book, but it can be read without reading the first book.

In the sequel to the best-selling DOING GERMANY, Agnieszka Paletta picks up exactly where she left off. She is still a slave to chocolate and wine, still a Polish-Canadian-lover-of-Italy, still a grasshopper in a new country, Germany. Two years may have passed, but the moose-in-headlights persists as she continues to discover Deutschland. (After two years, what is there left to discover?) Ye, of little faith. Plenty and plenty and then some! And what’s more, with some unexpected lessons that come with having a baby and owning a house.

Ever an immigrant in a foreign land, Paletta will take you for a cultural spin as you explore Germany through her Polish-Canadian-Italian eyes. So just sit back and enjoy the humorous, witty ride. (And pour yourself a glass of wine while you’re at it.)



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