Thank You Everyone!

I will be writing up another blog post on reviewing soon but will need a bit of time.  I just wanted to thank everyone for your help on the subject.  I have had a lot of wonderful support following what has happened and special thanks to A Writer’s Path and Dan Alatorre – Author for sharing my post as well as the countless reblogs so many of you have been doing :).  I also want to thank everyone who I have privately spoken to about this.  Everyone has been wonderfully supportive and it makes me feel so much better :).  My review submissions page is still open although the review time is climbing ! 😮

If anyone wants a review head on over to the submissions page but please read it and include all the relevant information and if anyone wants to contact me for anything else or ask any questions about reviewing or anything else please do here or via my About Page.  Everyone here is so wonderful and supportive I hope you will continue to enjoy my reviews, poetry and other musings :).  A new book review tomorrow so I hope you look forward to that, thank you ! !! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Thank You Everyone!

  1. Dear C.
    I hope you are doing well. I did not read the ‘bad stuff’ from other readers so I can’t comment on that. I do think your post ( the reviewer one for authors) was very sensible. I want to be on good terms with people who review my books and I am glad that they take the time to read my work. Most often, I use the ones that do have instructions, if they didn’t I would consider asking them.
    I have been on both sides and I’ve reviewed books, too. One guy emailed me a really eloquent message explaining he got my info from a review I’d given for another book a long while ago. I liked that. He took the time to research and contact me. I valued that and I agreed.
    I would prefer not to have to pay for reviews at the moment. Does it sound stingy? Yes. This might change the more my work goes out, the fact that I have sent my book to someone and asked them to read it is a brave act. Paying them feels like a different service. I could have that option if I chose to. But, I choose not right now.
    All the best,
    I hope your book is coming on. I also hope my next story is ready in time to ask for your review – but, we’ll have to wait and see for that.

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    1. I will always be open to reviewing your work :). Thank you for your input I too really enjoy it when an author has come to me quoting a former review, I’m excited anytime someone reads my reviews :).
      My book is a collection of random scenes at the moment and I haven’t written nearly as much as I’d like. I guess I’m new to it so it is taking me long time and I’m not sure how to piece together the different scenes or even if the story will ever make sense, but it is fun writing it 🙂

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    1. Yes everyone here is so nice and welcoming and just a few private conversations with a few nice people can really help move you from a sad to a happier place , much as has often happened talking to you, though this isn’t private lol 🙂

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