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Review: Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest by S.A. Jeffers & Catherine Straus

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I was kindly sent a free digital copy of this book from the authors S. A. Jeffers.  ‘Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest’ is a fun book where you search for Bigfoot, here is my review (pictures courtesy of the authors):

Travel to the Pacific Northwest and follow the trail to find this most elusive creature.  Search for clues, broken branches, footprints and hair but can you spot Bigfoot himself?

This lovely children’s book is a fun activity book that both kids and adults will enjoy.  In the style of Where’s Wally(Waldo)? books you search the different scenes in the book, looking for not only Bigfoot himself but various different pieces of evidence to show that he’s been in the area.  I really like this book, the pictures of the Pacific Northwest area struck me right away and from the first page I was just hooked in my search for Bigfoot.

Each double page spread features a short rhyme.  The rhyme is fun to read but the images are really lovely, they remind me of some paintings and the first thing you’ll realise when taking a look at the images is just how simple they are.  Unlike Where’s Wally books which rely on a complicated scene to hide Wally and his friends and various items the scenes in this book are wonderfully deceptive.  At first you see what looks like a plain scene but the longer you look the more things you start to find.  Bigfoot himself is found in every scene but I myself found it tough to find him and was absolutely amazed when I first spotted him, having looked at that part of the image twice before.  My favourite scene is definitely the fishing scene!  A complete surprise when I finally found Bigfoot there!


Once you’ve searched and found him in each scene and reach the end of the book there is a key listing different things such as hair or twisted branches to find (various evidence of Bigfoot himself) and which scenes these are in.  I’m glad this appears at the back of the book because once I cleverly thought I was done there was yet more to find!

I was send a digital copy of the book and I’d just give a warning to either get a physical book or if you choose the digital version make sure you have a reading device large enough to view the images on such as a tablet size or a computer.  I tried looking at the book’s images on a small ereader and my phone and it didn’t display well enough for me to see without being able to zoom in on the picture.

Overall this is a lovely book and I really hope there will be more planned.  I think I enjoyed this more than Where’s Wally and that face of Bigfoot just makes me smile!  Apart from having fun finding him and evidence of his being there, there are lovely scenes to look at and various other things in each scene which aren’t listed but make you feel proud to find them such as birds and frogs.  A great fun hide and seek book which will keep kids engaged and I’m sure adults will love to search for Bigfoot too!

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Rating: 5/5

Review published on Goodreads, click here

Book Description:

Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest is a children’s reading and activity book. Play hide and seek with the reigning champion and experience the thrill of locating the mysterious Bigfoot! Visit the captivating landscapes of the Pacific Northwest habitat, where the search is on for the elusive creature. Through each of this interactive story’s pages, the reader is tasked with finding Bigfoot, where he is cleverly hidden. Both child and adult are sure to feel the magic and excitement of a legend as old as time!


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