Quick Important Note about this blog!

This is a quick post to let you all know that my facebook account has been disabled for no good reason(both my page and for those of you who knew it, my private account too).  No idea why so my facebook page is no more and this blog is no longer connected with facebook.  for those of you who visit me via facebook and manage to read this post, if you would like to continue following my blog please sign up to the email sign up page (I don’t have a dedicated newsletter yet).  For others who don’t want to sign up big apologies as I really don’t know what’s happened :(.  It might have something to do with big controversy surrounding my latest Respect the Reviewer article which had a heated discussion today, apparently, I’ll never know as I only have a few emails that came through to my inbox and all my posts are now missing or deleted who knows all I can say is that it’s a shame as my page was very new and I had gained some followers to this blog who I had never met via my blog.  But oh well, this blog is here to stay and who needs facebook 😀 ! lol


22 thoughts on “Quick Important Note about this blog!

      1. One of the people upset was actually one I was writing about, though I was careful to not include any names and I thought I had kindly worded it but they had managed to read it and take offense. They actually were very vicious in the way they attacked it, saying that my whole beliefs in the matter were wrong. Oh well, I think I shall start a new fb page, I’m not sure I’d want to reinstate my old account now 😦

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  1. Oh no, I am sorry that this happened to you. I hope there is an explanation and you are reinstated soon! Did you have a page or personal profile? Sometimes the Facebook police shut down profiles if two belong to the same person. But if you had a page, that should not have been a reason.

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    1. I had both a profile and a page but both contained happymeerkat in them. Either way I think I’ll be stuck with it and have to deal with the fact it’s lost forever :(. I might set up a new page but I’m not sure yet.


    1. Unfortunately not. I’ve looked into it and used a username as my name so facebook wants proof with a passport ID check and it’s just too complicated. A shame really I’d have to start a new page I think. The worst part is the fact that facebook didn’t either check with me first or even contact me that my account was deactivated :(. Thank you for commenting.


      1. So to get it back you need to prove that you are you with a passport? It might be worth it.

        Also were you running paid promotions on your page? I have a sneaking suspicion they would think twice about suspending any account that brings in money.

        Facebook does have strange rules though, and most of the deactivating is automated I think.

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      2. I didn’t use paid promotions but that’s an interesting idea, perhaps they wouldn’t have done it if I was paying. It may be automated but it happened right after someone else got very upset by a post that everyone else feels is fine. Oh well, at least I had only been on fb a short time so I can start again. 🙂


      3. I know, maybe there is and I’m lost to facebook but I have no idea where to go. It’s not that bad though at least my page was new and I had only been there a few months would be far worse if I’d been there for a long time and gotten lots of followers. My whole facebook experience was new and after this I’ll be careful . Thanks again for your support 🙂

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