Daily Prompt Poetry: My Other Half


This is a poem inspired by the daily prompt challenge word: Fifty.  Hopefully you’ll understand how I got from the prompt word to this poem after reading it.

My Other Half

I struggle to show, instead I hide,

The truth of how I feel inside.

I keep it hidden, away from you,

You’ll never see my mood so blue.

I smile, put on a happy face,

The bad, for you, I do erase.

You think me happy, see me laugh,

You do not see my heart in half.

You see me warm, instead I’m cold,

You do not hear, myself I scold.

How deep I hurt, the cuts I bear,

About myself I do not care.

But I’ll make sure you’ll never know,

For you I will put on a show.

Pretend I’m fine, all is well,

While deep inside, my mind in hell.


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