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Fun and Cute: Kitty’s Cat Colouring Book

kitty's cat

I was kindly sent a free copy for review of this lovely colouring book buy the illustrator/author Kitty Blake.  ‘Kitty’s Cat’ has some great designs and just look at the cute cat!  Here is my review:

I really love this colouring book.  Around the same width as A4 but slightly shorter this book is filled with 20 different patterned cats.  The pages are all crisp white and a decent thickness, perhaps not as much as some colouring books but are still good and felt pens would work as long as you don’t over use them.  Each page has a design on only one side of the paper so no problems in bleeding of pens and if in doubt just use a piece of card underneath the design you’re working on if you use pens.

Each page has the same basic cat design, Kitty’s Cat.  This cat appears on each page with a different pattern on it.  The patterns range from flowers and leaves to stars, swirls and hearts.  Every design is different all appearing on the basic same cat shape.  At first I thought I wouldn’t enjoy the book that much because of the repeated cat as soon as I got a good look of the book I’ve been hooked!  The cat design alone is so cute and Kitty Blake’s style of drawing is one I really like, reminding me of artists like Hannah Davies, whose colouring books always have me smiling.


Although there are 20 different designs there are actually 30 pages of colouring (not counting the introduction page which has additional little kitties to colour).  After a page for each design, there further pages where the designs are shown again two on each page.  Although the designs are the same I enjoy having a second chance to colour in the same picture, I always like to make my identical images look as different to each other as possible.  The second set of pictures have clear cut out lines between them and if you read the first page of the book the author explains that the large and small pictures will fit two standard sizes of photo frame, if you want to cut them out and display them, or can even fit the rough size of a greetings card!


The thickness of the paper is still very good and my pencils had no problems and just glide on the paper which is good.  The only downside to the book is its spine.  It’s the type that doesn’t allow a clean break so a tiny part of the book (near the spine) curls slightly when you hold it open.  This isn’t a problem for colouring though as none of the images reach the spine.

I really love this cat, just the shape of the cat cute.  And despite the fact it’s just a cat that you colour, the patterns are still quite detailed, and at the price this book is selling for it’s a really good bargain and you get a lot of colouring for the price.  This is Book One and I can’t wait for the next book!



8 thoughts on “Fun and Cute: Kitty’s Cat Colouring Book

      1. Cats are amazing. I saw a kitty yesterday that was born with no fur on his tail. He has a little tail that looks like a rattler on a rattlesnake! He was adorable. His hair is slowly filling in now.

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