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Review: Quotes – The Box Set: Funny, Inspirational and Motivational Quotes


I was kindly sent a free digital copy of this box set of quotes from the author  for a review.  It’s really filled with so many different quotes, here is my review:

If you’re someone who loves quotes then this is certainly the box set for you. From motivational to inspiring, funny to downright silly this six book box set contains so many quotes you’ll always find something to suit your mood.
Available only as a digital book, this box set has six different books, I’ll explain each one to give you an idea of what each is about.

The Big Book of Quotes:
This book is by the biggest of all six and is filled with the widest variety of quotes. There are chapters such as ‘Power’ or ‘Intelligence’ but within each chapter there are smaller subchapters such as the Power chapter will have quotes on Politics, Business and Economics. Each sub chapter is filled with many different quotes. Some of the quotes are interesting to read, some feel inspiring and others make you think. There is nothing too offensive in this book, unless you disagree with some political views for example, children may not understand some of the quotes and there is one use of the f swear word and around two or so uses of the milder s word in this book.

The Book of Best Sports Quotes:
Covering the general sports such as baseball, American football, boxing and golf, as well as some others, this book has quotes from different sports people as well as quotes about sports. There are a lot of quotes in this book although some of them might only interest you if you actually have an interest in that sport or know who the sports stars behind the quotes are. Some of the quotes are repeated from the previous book but this one has far more and is worth reading if you enjoy sports quotes.

An Inspirational Quote a Day:
I love this one. For every day of the year, including leap year February 29th, there is an inspiring quote which can help uplift your day and motivate you to feel good. You can of course choose to read all the quotes at once but I love the idea of having a specific quote to look at every morning. Inspirational quotes are some of my favourites and all of these made me smile, I’m even surprised how appropriate the quote on my birthday was to how I sometimes feel.

501 Quotes about Love:
This book has the best cover, one with two lovebirds on it! The quotes are all numbered and arranged in groups of 100. Some of the quotes are romantic and make you smile if you enjoy reading such things while others can leave you laughing. I was surprised to see quotes on love by Albert Einstein and Aristotle among others. This book is definitely for those that love reading fun and heart warming quotes about love.

501 Quotes about Life:
Arranged like the previous book there are 501 quotes about life. Some of the quotes are similar with a few repeats of the ‘Inspirational Quote a day book’ but many of them are ones I haven’t read before. The quotes in this book would suit those who want more inspirational ones which do feel both motivational and uplifting at the same time. Definitely a good book to take a look at when you’re feeling down.

The Book of Funny Sports Quotes:
I have to say that this book does feel a lot like the other sports book but has a wider variety of sports including fencing, dancing and chess. Many of the quotes, especially on repeated sports such as soccer are repeats but there are still enough new ones to check out and many of the ones in the Snooker/Pool chapter made me laugh, especially when Ted Lowe is describing the snooker to those watching in black and white! This book has two uses of the s swear word plus a quote or two which might not be appropriate for kids or might offend those with different views on things such as hunting, however they are all meant to be taken lightly.

Overall this is a great box set and worth getting if you’re somebody who loves reading quotes like me. Despite some obvious repeats in various places you’d only really notice if you read the books all at the same time which is what I did. Far more fun would be had to dip in and out of the various books and read a few quotes when you feel like it. With so many quotes to leave you feeling inspired and motivated as well as happy and occasionally surprised I can recommend this set. Each quote is followed by the name of the person who said it and there’s such a wide variety of different people from Aristotle to Homer Simpson! Some of the quotes have even provoked discussions in my house so a very good box set to get if you enjoy your quotes.

Rating: 4/5

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Book Description:

This box set has to be the best value quotes book for the number and the quality of the quotes. It is a compilation of quotes books by M. Prefontaine. They are;
The Big Book of Quotes
The Book of Best Sports Quotes
An Inspirational Quote a Day
501 Quotes about Love
501 about Life.
The Book of Funny Sports Quotes
Nelson Mandela
The Funniest Quotes Book
The Greatest: The Quotes of Muhammad Ali

The compilation contains about 6,000 quotations for virtually every occasion and sentiment.

The book is aimed primarily at those of us who love the bon mot that encapsulates a part of life in an interesting or amusing way. They are for those who want to spice up a speech or an email or for those who just want to sit and read some of the greatest and most succinct thoughts from some of the greatest minds, and indeed some from the not so great.


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