The Truth of Your Smile

Before getting to the main part of this post I’d first like to update you.  For those of you who just came here and don’t follow my blog just scroll down to the picture :).

Thank you to everyone following my blog to new people on wordpress, email and social media :).  You guys are all amazing and thank you so much for following my blog.  I thought things were getting better for me and I’d be able to spend more time online but real life has other plans and I’ve become almost ‘overbooked’ with requests for book reviews from various publishers and authors.  I still want to and will review all these books (and am available for reviews still) but it’s pushed my review time for new people to 4 or maybe even 5 months from now on (rather over than under estimate there).  With all that’s going on I just can’t guarantee I can visit everyone’s blogs at the rate I was doing a few weeks back – please don’t hate me.  Until things are more settled and I can dedicate more time, I just can’t promise to see everyone’s wonderful posts and like and comment on them.  Luckily most blogs I follow I have email subscriptions to so I am sometimes able to read your posts on the go on my phone, but I can’t guarantee I can log into wordpress and comment :(.  I hate disappointing people and hate to say this but please forgive me if I miss some of your posts.  I’ll check in as often as I can but things have gotten pretty hectic with family and life suddenly.  I also don’t want to mentally or physically burn out which is a good possibility if I don’t cut back on something.  I’ll continue to put out blog posts, many might be on scheduled release so I can’t reply straight away.  Hopefully I’ll still keep up with my blog posts just will be a bit erratic on other’s blogs and social media for a while.  I hope you guys will understand and forgive me for not being able to visit you as much for a while :/

On to the main post….


This poem is inspired by today’s daily prompt word surface. 

The Truth of Your Smile

The smile you put upon my face,

When you hold me in your embrace.

The way you joke and make me laugh,

And tell me you’re my other half.

You’re special to me you often say,

Seem to always go out of your way.

To make sure I feel so very good,

Saying the right things like you should.

But below the surface, truth sits bare,

The reality is you do not care.

Your laugh a fake, a smirk your smile,

The words you speak a sickly bile.

The truth is clear to all but me,

How long before myself I free?


14 thoughts on “The Truth of Your Smile

  1. I am sure no-one will hate you – I certainly don’t/won’t! Life is like that – one minute we struggle to find a purpose, a job, anyone to listen to us and the next we are inundated with calls on our time. Don’t you worry; your health and happiness is paramount and real life is more important than ‘blogging world’. Try not to over-commit yourself to the reviews you write. Honour the promises you’ve made so far but you may have to limit the ones you do in the future until you are back on track. Having so many to do may make you anxious which may cause depression. Make sure you get enough rest and exercise too. Lecture over!

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  2. Of course not, it is important that we all take time for the important and necessary things, like life, family, and real life issues. Feel better my Meerkat friend. Take care of yourself! You will be missed.

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    1. Thank you for understanding, you are a true friend ❤ :). I won't disappear or anything and I'm sure we'll still chat just can't burn out with everything. And hopefully later on things will settle again, fingers crossed 🙂

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    1. This is a wonderful poem. I can totally relate. Ah, don’t worry about not being able to comment. I don’t think people will mind. I’m also feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of my commitments and it’s becoming harder to make time to comment on everyone’s posts. There are so many new posts popping up on my phone and not enough time to read all of them.

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      1. Thank you :). I don’t want people to feel like I don’t care about their blogs but like you say it’s getting harder to comment and view all the posts out there. It’s not like I would never be able to visit blogs but I sometimes read the odd post in an email and can only spare some days of the week to visit them. I do like reading your blog I just don’t know if I’ll be able to read and comment on every post for a while like I had committed myself in the past to do. :/

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