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Review: My Name Is Book An Autobiography by John Agard

Before I continue with this review I just want to say a quick message of thank you to everyone who voted for me in the #ComedyBookWeek award for best review.  I didn’t win but amassed an amazing 9 votes which is more than I hoped for so thank you and congratulations to Piratepatty of Books, Books and More Books for winning.  I’d also like to declare August 11th unofficial kids day as I’m about to bombard my blog with at least 4 children’s book reviews throughout the day!  Some of these books are ones adults may like, especially this one so if you’re interested take a look :).

My name is Book

I was kindly sent a free copy of this book ‘My Name Is Book’ by the publisher Walker Books.  It’s very interesting and many adults might enjoy this quick read, here is my review:

Ever wondered where books came from?  What the history of the written word is?  Well in this autobiography titled ‘My Name is Book’ our narrator Book will tell all.

This is a fun little book which I think everyone will love.  Styled like an autobiography Book takes us through his/her/its history.  Beginning all the way back when there was no written word only spoken, the story progresses quickly and shows just how the humble book came into being, from the Phoenicians inventing the alphabet, to the start of the printing press and right until the modern age of ebooks, you learn a lot of history but it’s all told in a fun and easy to understand way.

As this is a kids book the text isn’t too small and you can finish the book within an hour.  Being such a small book though doesn’t mean it’s not packed with lots of information.  I’ve learned a lot about the invention of paper, about Book’s near drowning experience and even brief sad parts where Book talks about the burnings of books.  What I really like about this is the way that it’s been told as an autobiography.  I never tire of the fun way the narrator Book is telling us of its life.

Along with text there are frequent images, in black and white, and different fonts used along with some quotes about books.  Although this is marketed as a kids book I think a lot of adults would enjoy a quick and fun read where you really learn a lot of information about books.  The text is all very fun to read so will appeal to kids, especially those who might be interested in learning something but who cringe at the thought of reading long passages in books.  I would certainly recommend anybody who is interested in a basic history of the Book to try this one out.  It’s a great read and you certainly learn something!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on Goodreads, click here

Book Description:

This is non-fiction like you’ve never read it before – the story of books, told by none other than…BOOK!

And what an extraordinary story it is; from clay tablets to e-readers, by way of scrolls and spines, talking leaves an librarians…


7 thoughts on “Review: My Name Is Book An Autobiography by John Agard

      1. Thank you, yes do get the book then, the publisher would be pleased with my work, lol. No but seriously I’m in love with ancient history and the language, I have a particular love of ancient Egypt so I can understand being interested. It’s amazing how informative a kids book can be :).

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