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The National Pet Show Visit

So  I did promise a loooooong while ago to share this and although it’s a long time after I don’t think it’s ever too late to do something.

The National Pet Show, formerly known as The London Pet Show, was held at the Excel in London on 7th and 8th May this year (2016).  I was very lucky to be one of a handful of people to win tickets to the show via the wonderful people at Katzenworld.  Visiting the National Pet Show was a first for me, as was visiting the Excel in London and riding the DLR (Docklands Light Railway)!

I wanted to share some wonderful pictures of the day with you.   There was a lot to see, special shows such as The Supervet and Superdogs live, various stalls with all manner of products for our pets and lots and lots of animals!  My pictures are focused on the various creatures that could be seen on the day, and I have many more photos than I will post here but I’d love to share a selection of great photos from the day.  And big apologies if the focus isn’t great.  This event made me decide to get a new camera, lol!

So, the day started with a visit to the Animal Zone.  All sorts of creatures that weren’t cats, dogs or small furry animals occupied this area:

DSCF3573DSCF3574 DSCF3576

There were alpaca, ponies and donkeys, though I don’t think the donkeys were enjoying the event.

DSCF3524 DSCF3518

We saw this guy on our way out of the Animal Zone:


After seeing these we headed over towards the Cats section.  We passed the Small Furry Zone which only seemed to have some rabbits and nothing else 😮 !  I don’t know what happened to the other fluffy creatures but I didn’t see anymore so can’t show you any pics.  The Cat Area had lot’s of cat toys, beds and food on offer at the stalls and lots of cute cats though I only have a few decent photos (please forgive a few fuzzy photos – my camera was terrible!).


I got to see my new favourite cat a sphinx!  It’s true, they have peachy soft, and rather hot, skin!


Many of the kitties were kept in cages and had leads attached and were periodically taken out for us to stroke them :).  This cat’s so tired at some point 4 people were stroking it and it didn’t move an inch!..


Yep, he’s in the litter tray….


The Super Theatre is where you could see various shows including Supervet and Superdogs live.  We didn’t see all the shows but Superdogs live was fun, presented by Michaela Strachan.  There was a competition for the best dancing dogs as well as a chance to meet some super dogs like therapy dog Doug the Pug.  It was tough to take decent pictures due to how far away our seats were and the various tall heads that were in the way! Here’s a rather poor shot of Doug with his owner on stage: DSCF3542

And another poor picture of doggy dancing:


There was a variety of insects, fish and reptiles on display:

DSCF3526 DSCF3583 DSCF3608DSCF3595DSCF3602 DSCF3601

These butterflies were inside a container, I have no idea what species they are (and sorry for the bad focus) but on the back they have blue wings they kept hidden:

DSCF3603 DSCF3607

There were two reticulated pythons on show:

DSCF3584 DSCF3587 DSCF3588DSCF3589

After a couple of hours already at the Pet Show and this guy’s still here:


Check out the legs!…


Finally we entered the Dog Zone.  Here there were a wide variety of different dog breeds to see and stroke 🙂 !

DSCF3554 DSCF3557

This guy actually waited for me to take the picture!…

DSCF3567 DSCF3570DSCF3571

And of course after a few hours we’re all starting to feel tired:


But before we left there was the special performance in the Nerf Dog Activity Ring by the Southern Golden Retriever Display Team.  Dogs and their handlers walked around to music, performing different shapes and every now and then the dogs would be told to stay.  The image aren’t great but you would have laughed if you were there :).:

DSCF3611 DSCF3617

If you want to see the National Pet Show it will be back in London next year but there’s another Pet Show happening at the Birmingham NEC so if you want to get tickets check out the National Pet Show website http://www.thenationalpetshow.com

Thank you for checking out my visit to the Pet Show, I hope you liked the pictures :).  Any favourite animals here?  What would you like to have seen at the pet show?


8 thoughts on “The National Pet Show Visit

      1. I like alpacas – they are much nicer and more polite than llamas (they don’t spit as much!). There is a farm a couple of miles away from us that keeps a small herd of alpacas for their wool.

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      2. We couldn’t touch the alpaca on show but we got to touch some of their hair which was in a bowl. I couldn’t believe how sort it is, no wonder people raise alpaca for their wool.
        Yes I don’t like that about llamas, I’m always very wary of getting close to spitting animals especially as their spit is more stomach juice than saliva 😮 !

        Liked by 1 person

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