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Review: Weapons of Power (Book One) – The Silver Portal by David J. Normoyle

the silver portal

I was kindly given a free digital advanced reading copy of this book from the author to review.  ‘The Silver Portal’  is the first in the Weapons of Power series and is out today (9th August) with a special discount price so if you’re interested grab your copy before the offer ends.  Here is my review:

When a spell is cast to create the Weapons of Power something goes wrong.  The weapons, infused with magical powers, do not end up in the hands of their intended warriors but are spread across a continent and found by five very different youths.  Possessing the weapons gives each of them mage powers.  But will these powers do them any good?

‘The Silver Portal’ is the first in the Weapons of Power trilogy.  It’s an amazing fantasy that I couldn’t put down.  We’re introduced to the story of each of the separate teens involved.  Each chapter starts with a small icon such as a sword or a staff and this lets you know straight away who this story is about or from what viewpoint.  This makes reading a story from five points of view very easy through the later chapters and I got sucked right into reading this from chapter one.

Each of the misfit teens is very different and live in five different parts of the world called Mageles.   There is a handy map at the start of the book, and one available on the author’s own website too of the world of Mageles which does help you get the sense of where the characters are going. Although their stories all start apart and the teens only meet some time later, the chapters are never too long to forget what’s happening to the others.

This is a fantasy story and in a typical fantasy setting, with magic, mages, swords, taverns, etc but populated by people rather than magical creatures.  I’m not going to spoil the story but this is explained further in the book.  There is a lot of tense action and even some humour in this fantasy novel, I couldn’t stop reading this book, every chapter is really well written and the action keeps happening.

The book is focused on the five teenagers and is called a coming-of-age fantasy book, so very suited to the teen market, but many adults will also enjoy this book due to the interesting characters, some more mature than others, and the adventure they go on together.  I really liked the character of Lukin, especially the sense of humour he tries to throw into every situation.  Despite being teenagers and having some good humorous moments these characters do deal with some darker issues too.

The ending of the book is a bit abrupt.  While there’s a satisfying outcome to the immediate storyline this does end on a slight cliff-hanger which may annoy some but also makes you want to read the next book in the series.

There is some violence in this book.  Nothing is overly graphic but blood and descriptions of killings and death will certainly make this unsuitable for younger ages.  There isn’t much swearing only rare use of the s word and I like the way a made up word has been used to represent frequent stronger swearing which makes reading this much more enjoyable for those who don’t like profanity in books.

Overall this is an amazing book.  I received an advanced reading copy and I’m already hooked and can’t wait for the next book in the trilogy!

Rating: 5/5

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Author’s Website:

Book Description:

Five misfit youths stand between a dark ruler and total domination.

The Lord Protector’s red clerics have become entrenched throughout Mageles, leaving only pockets of resistance. As a desperate last resort, a group of wizards concocted the weapons of power. Their spell misfired and, instead of going to the five chosen warriors, the weapons end up in the hands of an aspiring adventurer, a reluctant warrior, a street rat, a conflicted pacifist, and a pampered noblegirl. Separated by a continent and pursued by magic-wielding clerics, the young weaponbearers must find each other—but first they must find themselves.

An epic coming of age fantasy bursting with magic and adventure, The Silver Portal is the first book in the Weapons of Power series. Set in a richly drawn world with an intricate magic system, The Silver Portal will delight lovers of page-turning sword and sorcery fantasy.


2 thoughts on “Review: Weapons of Power (Book One) – The Silver Portal by David J. Normoyle

    1. it was! At least for me, I am hoping the next book is good too, it’s supposed to be out in December. Also there’s a prequell free story available on the authors website, maybe I should have included that in my review lol

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