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Review: Berg’s Book of Shapes by Berg Norcross

Before my review I just want to thank everyone for being so kind to me.  I’ve not been feeling well recently but the last couple of days off has made me feel better.  I’ll be back to blogging and visiting other blogs soon (though I’ll build up slowly) but in the meantime here’s a review for a kids book, and get ready for a lot of kids books amongst others the next week or two 🙂

bergs book of shapes

I was kindly sent a free copy of this ebook, ‘Berg’s Book of Shapes’  by the author Berg Norcross.  It’s a fun little book for young kids, here is my review:

‘Berg’s Book of Shapes’ is a fun book designed to help very young kids to learn their shapes. At 71 pages it’s a short ebook but has lots of fun illustrations throughout.

Each different shape is spread across four pages. For example the circle is the first shape to appear in the book and on each of the four pages with the circle there is part of a rhyme along with a fun illustration of the circle moving. The rhymes are very fun and easy to remember which makes reading this book fun but at the same time it’s easy for kids and indeed adults to remember the rhymes and shapes. To give you an example of the rhyme here is the first one with the circle: I am a CIRCLE watch me groove, no edges here I’m nice and smooth!

There are 12 shapes to learn and each follows this pattern. I really love reading this book even as an adult, the rhymes really get stuck in your head and that makes for good and easy learning, I particularly like the end of the rectangle rhyme.
Each shape is very simple and kind of cute with eyes which always makes you connect more with something and the shapes do a simple dance too which makes this book even more fun.

This is a fun and simple ebook which I can recommend for young kids to learn their shapes and I’m sure many adults will find this appealing too.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on Goodreads, click here

Book Description:

“I am a CIRCLE watch me groove,
no edges here I’m nice and smooth!”

Berg’s Book of Shapes is a beautifully illustrated early learning book that will teach your children how to name and identify 12 basic shapes. Each shape has been painted by Berg Norcross and will animate and dance as you turn the pages.

Suitable for everybody, but aimed at the 0-5 year old age group. Introduce your children to shapes, mathematics, space and early educational concepts with an eye-catching book of simple well-designed images. Perfect for parents, carers, guardians, teachers, brothers, sisters and home school teachers, Berg’s Book of Shapes gives a modern and current spin to teaching your children. Whether your child is at pre-school, primary, play group, home or on holiday and in need of summer or winter reading, this book will keep them occupied and keep them dancing!

Berg Norcross is an award winning Norwegian painter, best known for illustrating the 2016 children’s book ‘Monkfish Maggie and the Bungalow Stairs’ written by CatchphraseDan.

Watch the SQUARE hop, the PENTAGON jive and the OVAL tango in an exciting rhyming journey that will teach your little ones not only how to throw shapes, but to name them too!


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