Blog News then Time Off but Not Gone!


1337 ‘Leet’ Likes

Hello everyone.  A few weeks ago I forgot to share this achievement I got from wordpress!  Whoo I’m now ‘leet’ as in an elite wordpresser?  At least I think that’s what 1337 likes means, it spells the word ‘leet’ which was drastically overused by gamers back in the year 2000 when I used to visit forums online – I’m a complete nerd with computers and gaming!  Anyway if it means something else let me know?

Social Media

Well apart from now being connected on facebook and twitter on the recommendation of a friend I’ve joined Bloglovin.  Not sure about how used it is but the tile format of my blog looks cool so even if you don’t use bloglovin, click the link just to see how it looks! (Ignore my profile if you find me – it’s very blank) click here for the link

Website Changes

I’ve put in some changes to my website so if anyone visits the full site let me know if you like it or hate it or think something’s just a bit ‘off’?  The social media icons are at the top and my ‘welcome’ bit sits a little lower down, is it readable that low?  Also what do you think of the badges at the bottom, a different book review directory badge (one that doesn’t mess up facebook posts – I hope) and another badge for the #CBW blogger award which I’m wondering if it’s a bit too ‘show off’ or cool to have it there?

On that note…Please VOTE for the #ComedyBookWeek best review.  My review of ‘Kingston Raine and the Grim Reaper’ is up against Vicki Goodwin (of The Page Turner) review of ‘A Heat of the Moment Thing’ and Piratepatty (of Books, Books and more Books!) reviews – not sure if a particular book review was in mind but it’s linked to her general page

PLEASE take 5 minutes to look at all three pages, see which review you like the most and click here to vote! (scroll down for the poll).  So many  of you wonderful readers of reviews love to read them but only 13 have voted.  It only takes 5 minutes and hey, you get to read more reviews so win-win!! 😀

Time Off…

I wanted to make a quick post (though after writing this I’ve now realised it’s a loooong post! ) to let everyone know that although I won’t be completely leaving the blogosphere I am going to need to take a bit of time off.  I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with things both offline and on and suffering depression it’s easy for me to fall into a depressive state if I don’t take proper care of myself so to stop myself falling down that well I’m going to take a bit more time off after the #ComedyBookWeek high.  Though I said I’d take this last week off in reality I need another week and a half to really get things done.  Will this mean you won’t hear from me at all thins next week and a half?  No, absolutely not, let me explain…

I am current reading a VERY long fantasy/horror novel called ‘The Demon Within’.  It’s at times a bit tough to read and taking longer than I first thought it would and being someone who doesn’t read particularly fast it’s taking up a lot of my time.  I need to get through that book and review it and then get through another ARC fantasy ‘The Silver Portal (Book One)’ which is due out on the 9th so two reviews you can look forward to coming soon.  As well as that I also have a guest post on another blog coming up which is exciting and I’m writing that up so want to dedicate most of my time to this while not overwhelming myself.

I’ve also gone and hurt my forearm, pulled the muscle so writing any long post (like this one) is currently resulting in RSI type pain.  So need to take more time away from the keyboard to heal my poor arm muscle(s)!

Not Gone

Of course there are still some things that’ll I’ll post on this site, other reviews for smaller books and awards plus possible odd poetry but now I’ve discovered the wonders of scheduled posts (not sure why it took this long!) I’ll be setting a lot of these posts up in this way so I won’t be able to respond to them straight away.

I’m also looking into creating another page on the menu of this website/blog which will have all sorts of off topic (non- review) stuff.  Apart from other things I plan on putting links to all articles and guest blog posts etc that I have as the amount is increasing in size and it’ll be great to have all that in one place should any of you want to read it.

For those that I follow and who follow me big apologies as I won’t be able to spend long visiting any blogs while I’m away for a bit.  But I’ll try my best to catch up when I come back and for everyone who follows this blog once again a big THANK YOU!  It’s you guys who keep me wanting to come back and keep this blog up, without your support I’d probably be all depressed, instead I’m coping well and am feeling good right now, despite the overwhelm :).

(And a Side note to Authors/Others wanting reviews – Ignore if this isn’t you)

For any authors who might read this who have already requested a review don’t worry I’m still on schedule to review your books.

For anyone wanting reviews  and reading this I’m still open to review requests (despite my time off) and have created a new email address especially for this.  My other email is still perfectly fine and in use but there are many people and companies contacting me through there from amazon and other places, plus the inevitable spam that gets through (I must be a trillionaire with all the money people from Africa wish to send me 😮 !) so I’m creating this special email address to help separate book review requests from regular ones, but anyone wanting to contact me for just regular chats, questions, etc can still contact me on my older email, and no worries if you email the wrong address just please if you wish to pass on my details to others please direct them to my pages rather than handing out my email addresses 🙂 .  Find my email addresses and submissions pages via my about page here.

The End?

So that’s it thank you and I’ll be more active online next(ish) week.  In the meantime though enjoy the posts coming up and have a great week! 😀


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