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Review: The Two Week Wait Challenge: A Sassy Girl’s Guide to Surviving the TWW by Lindsay Fischer

TWW challenge

I was kindly sent a free digital copy of this book by the author Lindsay Fischer for a review.  ‘The Two Week Wail Challenge: A Sassy Girl’s Guide to Surviving the TWW’ is an excellent self help book for women (and their partners) who are trying to conceive and are going through that stressful time between potential conception and testing for pregnancy.  A guide book with a lot of great information and humour, here is my review:

Trying for a baby can be a difficult and stressful time, especially the wait between a possible conception and two weeks later when you can finally use test for pregnancy.  The stress and anguish of waiting can really build up and you can forget to treat yourself well in this time and keep that anxiety down.  Here is where ‘The Two Week Wait Challenge: A Sassy Girl’s guide to Surviving the TWW’ comes in.  A handy guide that can help both women and men navigate that stressful time.

This is a great little book and at 72 pages it’s a quick read.  The guide book starts with the author, Lindsay Fischer’s own personal story.  You learn about her past as a domestic violence survivor and her own difficulties in conceiving with her new husband.  This story is not only touching but told with a lot of humour, in fact the entire book is written with Fischer’s own brand of humour, or ‘sass’ as she calls it and this really helps you connect with her personally and lightens the serious subject of looking after yourself during the two weeks.

The main part of the book focuses on the ‘challenge’.  In this every day for two weeks there is a different challenge for women to do.  Each day’s challenge is quite simple and easy from things like de-cluttering an area of your home or writing your own affirmation.  Each of these challenges focuses on looking after yourself and creating a positive and calm feeling, exactly what you need when you’re waiting to use that pregnancy test.

Many of the challenges are ones that partners can take part in and indeed there’s even a section on what partners can do to make the waiting time easier.  Throughout the whole book not only do you learn the importance of self-care, something Fischer uses herself and is keen to teach others, but she does this all with that amazing humour that actually had me laughing out loud.

The final part of the book even goes through what you should do whether you manage to successfully conceive or not.  The whole book is very helpful and even though I haven’t had a baby myself or tried to conceive, many of the challenges are things I can and have been doing and it’s made me feel a calmer and happier person.  Along with the challenge you also get sections of the book which explain the different words and initials which many use when discussing fertility, which was handy for me as I didn’t know many of them.  The book has a few uses of the s swear word and of course contains information on conceiving so I wouldn’t recommend this to any age below adults.

It really is a great book with a great tone and one I would certainly read again if I was going through the stresses of trying to conceive.

Rating: 5/5

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Book Description:

Trying to conceive is an exciting (read: excruciating) time in women’s lives, but there is no more daunting a task during her cycle than the two week wait. It’s a time when wanna-be mommas can find themselves anxious and emotionally wrecked. Enter The Two Week Wait Challenge: a handy guide to navigating the time between potential conception and the day you’re able to test for pregnancy. Chock-full for easy, inexpensive self-care practices and positive affirmations, the challenge encourages women to take time for themselves (while simultaneously speeding up the 14 days) and allows their partners to be a part of the process in a loving, supportive way. Add a dash of sass and humor to help you survive and you’ve got a recipe for a successful (less painful) two week wait.


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