Some Time Off and Updates to Website

This is just a quick note to all people who read my blog that I will be taking the next week off from posting reviews.  I’ve posted a lot of reviews in the last week and although I’ve loved it I also need to take some time away from reviewing, so for the next week I won’t review books but I may still post poetry or other things.  I have a large fantasy novel I’ve just started so it will take me some time to get through it.

On the subject of that novel if you visit my website you can now see what I’m reading via the new Goodreads widget I’ve added!  While I sometimes review an extra book I haven’t noted on Goodreads, I will ALWAYS review the book I am ‘currently reading’ and so you can take a look at that to see what review to look forward to within the next week or so.  I’ve also done some tidying up of the side menu (appears underneath a post/page if viewing on phone).  If any of you see this tell me what you think.  Is there too much before the ‘welcome’ text?  Does it look good, professional, silly?  Any comments welcome :).

I also have a new submissions page just for the next #ComedyBookWeek (January 2017) so for any authors out there who want a review for that specific week please check out the new submissions tab under the ‘About Me’ page.  Please note there’s also a new email address ONLY for book review submissions.  Don’t worry if you’ve already contacted me just keep responding to my usual email address :).

I will be posting some blogger awards posts.  I’m reluctant to do them not because I don’t appreciate the awards, I really do, but because I don’t like to nominate people who aren’t interested or comfortable with doing the awards.  However the first award I have been given does ask me to give some advice so I think out of a bit of fun, and my desire to help , I’d like to do the posts and maybe put my own little spin on them 😉

Thank you for new followers on all platforms.  I truly appreciate everyone who ever likes or comments on my reviews, all the shares and retweets are even more amazing.    It’s been a bit of a crazy but fun week and after a little time off I’ll be back to reviewing books including this interesting one I’m reading right now.  So for now another thank you and see you all soon :).


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