The 2016 #ComedyBookWeek Blogger Awards – Vote For Your Favourite Review!

#CBWblogger gold

Please check out the latest post on the #ComedyBookWeek website!  It’s a thank you to everyone for taking part, in particular the bloggers who took the time to help promote the week through their reviews, interviews, Q&As, etc.  It was a great week and I can’t believe that I won an award for all my reviews.  Not just any award but the gold award! Wow!  Thank you so much to Ana for putting #ComedyBookWeek together as well as all the authors whose books took part and who were kind enough to send out review copies to me and other bloggers.  And to everyone who has been reading my reviews I want to thank you for your support this last week and an extra thank you for those who shared my reviews via reblogs and any shares on social media.

I still can’t believe I got the gold award considering how much everyone else has done, my 5 reviews pale in comparison with how much others have done and in the cases of some bloggers, like my friend Vicki from The Page Turner, they’ve done so much within a very short time!

The awards are not over.  There’s a chance for you to vote for your favourite review in the ‘Best Book Review – People’s Choice’ award.  So head on over to the link below to cast your vote.  And don’t worry I am happy for you to vote for someone else’s review not mine.  This award should go to the best review and I am happy for that award to go to a different blogger, after all I got the gold which is just amazing and more than I deserve!

Thank you everyone and I’ll be re-sharing my reviews on twitter specifically as I only got a twitter account on Wednesday night and not all my reviews were shared there so I’ll be soon sharing them there on my new twitter account @hmeerkatreviews if anyone wants to follow :).

I’ll have more news and reviews, poetry and random posts soon.  Thank you again everyone, I’m so amazed by the award I can’t stop smiling 😀 !

Link to #ComedyBookWeek 2016 Blogger Awards post

And check out this link to the calendar of events to see all the reviews eligible for the ‘Best Book Review – People’s choice’ award!


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