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So, some new news!  Recently happymeerkatreviews got the badge for being a year old, though I haven’t been blogging blog posts until late November – that explains the image above (forgot to use it a few weeks ago in a post!).  and now things are moving fast for this blogger!

Apart from the anniversary sticker and the many new followers I’ve got (thank you so much to you and I’ll try to visit you and you are welcome to get involved in any posts you like any time :)! )  I also received 5 blog awards.  I’ll address them in posts after #ComedyBookWeek is over.

Not only does happymeerkatreviews already have a facebook page (click here) but I’m now on twitter!!!!  Yes, I have no clue how twitter works and no doubt I’ll be confused for weeks, like I was with facebook (still am with the mysterious case of the same image always appearing on my posts) but it’s another platform to meet/follow me.   So if you want to follow my twitter feed I’ll give you the link @hmeerkatreviews (wish I could have had 4 more characters to put the full name but that was my first lesson in twitter! lol

I’ve added social media links to the top of my widgets bar (column on the right of the main website) for easy access to my social media, only 2 at the moment.  I’m not an excessive social media person, if I was I wouldn’t have much time for reading, but I try to get online as much as I can and I always respond to messages and stuff :).

More news…The Book Review Directory republished one of my reviews!! A review I did a while back for ‘The Belt Boy’.  If you’ve never read the review before or would like to see it reposted there (I’m so excited by that!) click here.

Apart from that one more piece of news to share is another post, about Diabetes, for My Trending Stories.  Probably a lame article considering it’s had no comments and I doubt any views but hey, I’ve written something this week!  If you feel like reading it’s here (you might have to scroll up to read, the link seems to be weird when I click on it!): Diabetes: Is Saving Money Worth Risking Somone’s Life?

Well that’s it for now.  I’ve got two more book reviews for #ComedyBookWeek coming on Friday and Saturday so watch this space and in the meantime thank you for following and have a great day/week/year!!! :D:D

p.s. for facebook readers if this post comes up with that ‘the book review directory’ image again I’ll have to post out my facebook things manually from now on so forgive that image if it’s there….If you don’t follow me on facebook you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about so please ignore, lol :p

20 thoughts on “happymeerkatreviews News and Stuff!

  1. Congratulations! What a lot of good news! I don’t use Twitter at all but I do use Facebook, mainly for keeping in touch with relatives! I read your article about diabetes and tried to comment but couldn’t for some reason. I wanted to say how disgusted I was to hear that your health is being put at risk because of cost-cutting. I would continue to pester your GP until you get a positive answer if I were you, though I know how distasteful and time-consuming that will be. You could also try talking to another local medical centre to see if they would be more helpful and then see if you could transfer to them. Also there are a number of petition sites on Facebook for example who would be able to help you raise a petition. I will find out a couple of names and get back to you.

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    1. Thank you so much for being so wonderfully supportive :). You really are a good friend. Yes it’s horrible that doctors won’t give me the prescriptions to cut costs. They’ve even given me a new blood test meter now. The strips cost less for this one but they still only give me half and lots of blood test meters don’t work well so I have no way of knowing whether this one is accurate :(.
      I am seeing the doctor next week, they don’t seem to communicate well via the secretary so fingers crossed. I am so far coping as my blood sugars haven’t been swinging too much but I can only hope that I’ll be okay in the future. I will look iinto facebook petitions and groups too, never thought of doing that myself.
      Sorry about My trending stories not working, glad you pointed it out though I’ve contacted them about their missing comments box. 🙂

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      1. Thank you, don’t go to too much trouble though, don’t want to spoil your evening. Btw you can message me on facebook too (if you ever wanted to or wordpress was donw or something), either through my official page or just type my username thehappymeerkat into the search box if you ever want to. Thank you again you are so kind ❤

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  2. Congratulations on the blog anniversary, enjoy your posts and dark poetry is always awesome. 😊

    I’ve followed you on Twitter, mine is @SarcasticEnigma – guess it should be my blog name but I had twitter before I had a blog. Don’t have Facebook, but I’ve found twitter is good for promoting your posts and getting your blog posts tweeted by others to. 😊

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  3. Happy Blog Anniversary and here is to many more!
    I followed you on Twitter, but I must admit I don’t like the platform much. I mostly use it to tweep some links I find useful or share poems I read that moved me and similar.

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    1. Thank you, I followed you back :D! Not sure whether I will use twitter much, I don’t use facebook that much either but it’s good to be on other platforms, gives more people a chance to read my posts :).


  4. Happy Anniversary to you .. Happy happy anniversary to you. Who your are rocking it with the blogs, faces, MTS, Reviews, …. Twitter. I think I might just faint – you are doing so much. WELL DONE , CONGRATULATIONS, EXTREMELY happy for you.

    Mega happy you are on twitter. Yeah…
    Tweet deck. Check my post out.

    If you can use MTS with out any issues – you will love tweetdeck.

    I havent posted on MTS – only one.
    Anyway – it will happen in time or not.

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      1. Hey Kat, tell me how you find it.
        It was my first day – after two years on not working… omg. I will be okay in time. I might not comment or blog that frequently while I settle down, the job got turned around in less than 2 weeks. bella

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      2. I don’t actually cope well at all with commuting, it reeks havoc with my diabetes. I’ve got lots of energy only when I do things from home…If only I could earn some great money from doing all this blogging, Id be set for life! lol
        Seriously though take care of yourself. Nobody will mind if you take time off from blogging, if you are worried make an announcement of it. The great thing about wordpress is that as soon as you make a post (even if you take some weeks off) everybody can read it and people don’t stop following you just because you take time off. You need to keep your energy in the right place or you’ll burn out :).
        Btw I’ve only been more active in the last month of blogging, before that, I only got a post out once a week!


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