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#ComedyBookWeek Review: Do Not Wash Hands In Plates by Barb Taub


do not wash hands in plates

Here’s another book review for #ComedyBookWeek.  Thank you to Barb Taub for the free copy I downloaded of this book ‘Do Not Wash Hands In Plates’ by Barb Taub.  This is a great and very funny travel memoir, here is my review:

Once upon a time, years ago, three best friends Barb, Janine and Jaya decided to leave the US from three separate locations and meet in Europe. Thirty five years later they decided to recreate the feat by all meeting in India from three different locations around the world. After successfully meeting the three of them set of on an amazing Indian adventure filled with elephants, temples and lots and lots of food!

Do Not Wash Hands in Plates is a hilarious travel memoir. Right from the introduction I couldn’t help but laugh and I knew this book would keep me entertained. The book isn’t very long but packs a lot into its pages. Each chapter has a funny title which makes you want to read on. Unlike some travel memoirs that focus more on the places tourists visit, this book is firmly all about the experience the three friends have.

Journeying through India they visit many locations such as the Taj Mahal and there are some lovely pictures of these monuments but it’s not this I really enjoyed reading. What I like most about this book is actually the story of travelling between the different locations and the other things they got up to such as their trip to the marketplace, the interesting rules of queuing in India and the copious amount of food on offer that just has to be eaten!

The book has lots of great pictures with great captions next to them and you even find out where the title of the book comes from. There is nothing offensive in this book, unless you consider an account of Delhi belly as offensive. Overall I really like this book, the writing style is so easy to read and Barb Taub has you laughing at every turn of the page. The only downside to this book is the short length, I would have gladly read through a travel memoir twice maybe even three times as long! Apart from having me laughing this book has taught me a little about India too and has actually made me want to visit and try parathas!  A great read for anyone interested in a funny travel memoir.

Rating: 5/5

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Author’s website:

Book Description:

Once upon the Land Before Time (or at least before mobile phones), my two best friends and I decided to leave the US from separate locations and meet up in Europe. To everyone’s shock, Janine, Jaya and I pulled it off—mostly because we went to Luxembourg, a country so small the odds in favor of chance street encounters were almost 100%, but also because Jaya was carrying the BS, a blue suitcase so enormous it took up approximately a third of the country’s square footage and was visible on satellite images. We couldn’t possibly miss.

It took over thirty-five years before—in a combination of optimism and failing memories— we recklessly decided to repeat this feat. Hey, we reasoned, now we’ve got smartphones, better credit ratings, wheeled suitcases, medical insurance, and the ability to drink legally. Just to make it more interesting, this time we chose to meet in India, where the odds against the three of us actually linking up were approximately a bazillion to bupkis.

This is the story of three women eating our way across India in search of adventure, elephants, temples, palaces, western toilets, monkeys, the perfect paratha…and the kindness of Indian strangers.

My next #ComedyBookWeek review will be on the 22nd July, until then why not ckeck out the #ComedyBookWeek Website to see what else is happening!

16 thoughts on “#ComedyBookWeek Review: Do Not Wash Hands In Plates by Barb Taub

  1. Reblogged this on Barb Taub and commented:
    Please join me at HappyMeerkatReviews for Comedy Book Week.

    And I am so sorry for the delayed thank you for this lovely review of Do Not Wash Hands in Plates. I’m staying in VERY rural Spain, and the weefee (wifi) has been out for days. To rejoin the world, I have to go to the Free WeeFee & Tapas Bar in town 5KM away. And THEN I have to keep ordering the cervezas so I can justify my table occupation. So basically, I have to balance internet addiction with liver damage. (I’m afraid the internet is going to win…)

    Anyway, I am SO grateful for the lovely review. Can’t thank you enough for all your kind words.

    Happy Comedy Week! (Any poor typing/misspellings are completely the fault cervezas. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…)

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    1. 🙂 Thank you for the reblog and I’m so happy you like the review, I really enjoyed readingthe book :)! Hope you have a nice time in Spain, much nicer than the silly humid (mini-summer) heatwave we’ve had in the uk the last few days lol

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