Daily Prompt Poetry: You


This is a poem for the daily prompt challenge where the prompt word is frail.   Feel free as always to comment whether you follow this blog or not, no matter what you think, please do say :).


You think I do not know you,

You think I am someone I am not.

You believe I do not remember,

When in truth I never forgot.

You imagine someone different,

You imagine someone weak.

You believe she wouldn’t dare.

When in truth she’s able to speak.

You thought you could hit her,

You thought she wasn’t strong.

You wanted to control her,

When in truth she didn’t belong.

You do not know what’s real,

You think it’s all a game.

You like to say it’s my fault

When in truth I’m not to blame.

I’ve had enough of this life,

I’m tired of being this way.

I will never let you near me,

When you try to ruin my day.

I won’t allow another minute,

I’m sick of living your life.

Today’s my day of freedom,

The day I stopped being your wife.

It’s dark, weird, finishes abruptly and  it’s based on someone I know….Not sure if you’d want to comment after that! 😮


21 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Poetry: You

    1. Hi, So nice to hear from you :). Thank you, it’s been a while but I’ve finally gained the confidence to post some of my own creative work. Thank you also for liking my facebook page too. I hope everything is well with you and your studies?

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      1. Things are going pretty well at uni, thank you. Last semester I studied the 19th Century Romantics, which I loved. Next, I’m focusing on William blake’s visionary imagination, exploring further the mystical side of things alongside of which I’m exploring my new interest creating pieces in the genre of magic realism (maybe you would like this kind of literature too). It’s so good that you share your creative work on your blog, it’s a great place to express one’s emotions, reflections and memories. Continue! Besides, from all the requests that you receive it seems that you are reading… a lot! Myself, I have troubles concentrating on long readings, so I had to change strategy. Thankfully I discovered the wonder of listening to audiobooks. So far, so good!

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      2. Audiobooks are great! And you can often do something at the same time as listening so doubly great :). Your course sounds so interesting. I do enjoy reading a lot these days and have touched on a few classics but really not many. I love to read all kinds of work though and certainly magic realism has me intrigued! I studied a little of William Blake at school and enjoyed his words but we didn’t study into as much detail as I’m sure you will. I hope you will enjoy it :).
        I had mixed feelings at first about sharing poetry and other things on my blog but it seems that the more honest you are with people the more they truly like your work. I have written things that are personal and that sort of material in essence leaves one vulnerable and yet that vulnerability makes you stronger and a more honest, trusted and liked person…I hope I made sense there, I know what I’m trying to say but not sure if it came out right, lol.

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      3. You are right, as I listen to audiobooks I can find myself drawing, this allows me to concentrate even more on what is said! Yes, I do understand very well what you say. By sharing honestly who you are (rather than what you have to sell) with the other people, you give them the opportunity to connect with you in essence, subsequently they can better appreciate your work 🙂 It’s a virtuous cycle, human beings are naturally inclined to search other souls with who they can connect. That’s also why I commented on your blog the first time. Like you say, by opening yourself even to accept being (reasonably) vulnerable, you expand your world, radiating positive emotions attracting good people 🙂

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  1. Abuse is something that occurs everywhere in our world and people are so easy to look over it like it doesn’t exists and we all know that’s not the case but ” it’s a man’s world ” .
    So I’m really happy the poem not only points it out, but also encourages victims to stand up for themselves because they can and they should.

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