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Review: How to Get Good Reviews on Amazon by Theo Rogers

how to get good reviews on amazon

After reading a blog post by author Nicholas Rossis about this book ‘How to Get Good Reviews on Amazon: A guide for Independent Authors & Sellers’ I downloaded it during its free promotion.  Being an official Top 500 Reviewer (currently #227) on amazon UK I was keen to see if this book really did have some useful advice for potential authors and sellers.  Here is my review:

As someone who’s been reviewing on amazon for more than a year now I was keen to see what Theo Rogers’ advice would be to sellers and authors. As the title suggests this book is intended to help people understand how to get good reviews on amazon for your book or product.

The book is a short read at 74 pages but has a lot of useful advice and told from the point of view of a reviewer and not a seller as many other books on the subject are. The book contains practical advice such as how to contact reviewers but it also contains information about what makes people review on amazon and gives a little insight into the amazon ranking system for both reviews and reviewers.

The first chapter is about why people review and although a seller or author may want to by-pass this chapter for the practical advice I would strongly urge you to read this as it does explain the different reasons that people review and knowing this can help you understand the actions of some reviewers. For example I fall into the category of wanting to help people with my reviews but the book also highlights that some reviewers are simply there to play the ranking game and raise their rank. The book also explains the ranking system for amazon reviews themselves which can help you to understand why some reviews stay on the front of a product page while others never appear.

The practical advice is really not to be ignored. Rogers gives you template examples of emails to send to reviewers as well as ideas on how to sound less impersonal and make a connection with a reviewer. He also explains what NOT to say to a reviewer. All this information is very important and I can first hand say that I agree with everything in these chapters having been contacted with both ‘Dear Sir’ and ‘Dear Malcolm’ before – in case you don’t know my name isn’t Malcolm and I am female!

The end of the book has again more information on what to do with reviews once you have them. While I agree with most of the advice here, I don’t like the suggestions Rogers gives to say authors, for example, that their own fan base can help ‘neg’ (give negative votes) to negative reviews of their work. While this does happen and of course no author wants to have a negative review of their work, I dislike the fact Rogers has suggested this method as I can only see a potential increase of negative voting on less than 4/5 star reviews and sometimes a detailed 3 star or negative review has valid remarks in it and serves as helpful to new customers.
The book is titled ‘How to Get Good Reviews on Amazon’ and I think it should have been just titled ‘How to Get Reviews on Amazon’ given the fact that sometimes there are products and books that just simply aren’t any good, though this I find is rare.

This is a short read and overall, despite my criticisms, it’s a great book for anyone new to amazon or who is lost on how to get amazon reviews. There’s nothing offensive to read and it can be read within an hour or so which makes the current price tag of over £2.50/$3.30(rrp $3.99) on amazon UK and US respectively seems a bit much for a short book. It’s up to you whether you feel the need for this advice at this price or if you can find it elsewhere.

EDIT:  I forgot to add that although it’s mentioned briefly in the book I would like to give a bit of my own advice and urge any potential seller and especially author to check out a reviewers own website/ blog/facebook etc if they have one.  This can help you target the right reviewers and make you stand out better with them as many book reviewers like me have a submissions page which details the books I will or won’t accept for review plus additional info and an easy way to contact me! 🙂

Rating: 4/5

Review published on Goodreads, click here

Book Description:

How To Get Good Reviews On Amazon is a simple, no-nonsense guide that teaches exactly what it says it does. Based on both psychological science and thousands of hours of conversation with some of Amazon’s top reviewers, it takes you behind the scenes into the reviewing subculture that has grown up on Amazon’s website. It gives you a deep, insider’s knowledge of how the top reviewers think and operate. It not only shows you what to do: it also takes you inside the reviewers’ heads so that you can see for yourself both how these techniques work and why they’re so effective.

Lessons include:

• A simple, four-part formula for writing emails that get your work reviewed.
• Three things never to say when communicating with reviewers!
• How to pick reviewers who are more likely to give you a good review.
• How to reduce the chance that a reviewer you contact will give your work a bad review.
• How people get caught out when receiving reviews from friends and family.

This book teaches an honest, straightforward approach that works. It works because it’s not based on gimmicks or tricks but on a real understanding of how Amazon reviewers operate: most of all on what they expect from authors and other sellers. If you want to know how to talk to an Amazon reviewer in a way that will make them respect you as a professional and see you as the kind of seller they actually want to help, this is the book for you. 

Feel free as always to comment.  How important are amazon reviews to you and would you buy this book?  Anything you’d like to say please do 🙂


18 thoughts on “Review: How to Get Good Reviews on Amazon by Theo Rogers

  1. I would like to know how to become a better Amazon listed Reviewer. How does that work? I review on amazon a lot and am listed as #15,000. Just wonder how to move up that list. I agree it is hard to get reviews for a book on Amazon. I have sold books, given away books and hosted contests and only have 11 reviews on my book. That seems funny to me. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How to raise your ranking in amazon is quite a hard question to answer. I honestly have to say that for me it’s been a combination of writing lots of reviews and luck! Congratulations on #15,000 that’s a great ranking in itself :). I got to the 10,000s mark by mainly writing a review for one colouring book which propelled my ranking to that number. So for that part it was luck. I’ll say that the more items you have reviewed the higher your ranking is and popular items get more helpful votes which is key to raising ranking. Unfortunately I don’t know how some book reviewers on amazon have such a high ranking because I’ve never received more than two positive votes on book reviews since I’ve started! 😮
      Like I said popular things so even popular books can get you positive votes but it’s really partly luck. I reviewed a bunch of different items I was offered and sometimes an obscure item takes off and wins you votes!
      getting amazon reviews is hard. This book can certainly help though the price tag is ridiculous and I don’t mind letting people know what I know, lol. Have you tried approaching reviewers for reviews at all? Contest and giveaways strangely don’t seem to attract many reviews – something lots of authors have echoed. If you want actual reviews and are willing to give away copies you could approach some reviewers, or check out things like the book review directory. I’m not sure if you’ve done that or not which is why I don’t know if I should waffle on about it or not! I’ll certainly try to help you in any way I can ❤ 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are awesome to tell me that! I was unable to be followed on amazon. Seems the default was set at no followers. I guess that could have hurt me. I am proud that you are rated below 10,000. I didn’t have a bar to go by. So 15000 seemed a bit high. Maybe it will drop more since I added the follow feature. Thank you for taking the time to help me. I passed out almost 300 books and got 9 reviews for my effort. I had some people that bought the book review. So it is just a gamble I think. I did a giveaway of the paperback but so far I have not seen any post contest review. Hopefully I will. ❤ You are so helpful! A great friend!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The author friend (who stopped talking to me) a few months back was telling me that they’d advertised their book everywhere and done lots of giveaways and gotten near to zero reviews for their effort :(.
        I think it’s very hard and you’re right to a certain extent it’s a gamble. I’ll try to help you in any way I can, as I learn something I’ll pass it on and likewise if you learn something I hope you can let me know and we can pass it on to others and we can all help each other 🙂 <3.

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      3. That’s how friends do! 🙂 I am loving working with you on this #CBW. It is so fun. You need to add a follow button on your profile on amazon. I just found out yesterday it defaults to not follow. You do amazing with your reviews and your blog in general 🙂 I visit it daily.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Aww thank you for always visiting, you’re so wonderful and kind and such a great friend :D:D<3. I don't know how you do it. manage to read so many books, review them, blog about it, and still visit all social media…:o! I'm just about managing with my blog but falling behind with reading everyone's blog posts :s
        I don't think you can follow me on amazon, I think that's just for authors. Unless I've missed something there, how do you set a profile to follow? I'll check mine and see if it's possible.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Have you been to the UK amazon site btw? You have a profile picture but no bio description. Amazon UK doesn’t automatically update your author profile you have to go there and do it yourself, something a LOT of authors I’ve been talking to realise. Might be worth updating it before you next release your book again 🙂

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