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Celebrate! To The Transplant Games is available at discount!


I recently reviewed ‘To The Transplant Games’ and now to celebrate the British transplant games taking place in Liverpool this July, the ebook version is available at discounted prices on Smashwords and Amazon!

10 cents or pence from each book sold will go to the British Transplant Games Association!

This post will give you more details on that:

My review on this book:

Set in London, three teenagers are affected in three different ways with organ donation.  One struggles while waiting for a new organ, another struggles with life after a transplant and the third struggles with the emotion of being related to someone who’s had an organ transplant…(to read more click here)


6 thoughts on “Celebrate! To The Transplant Games is available at discount!

    1. I suppose it depends what people post and how much. Sometimes people do a quick post and certainly for me writing a review and doing a review post takes way more time than poetry or one of my other posts. I can’t get how some people have the time to be all over several social media platforms and still have time to do other things…Time management, I’m still learning that lol


  1. Kat, Are you getting through a book a day. oh my you are amazing. I stand in amazement. Wow honestly. Do you review 7 days a week as job or ? I can’t get over how many book reviews you can do. You must be awesome with your time management and like read 1000 words per min.

    I cant read one book on one month – 2 months later I am still reading the same book.

    Great post and well done on all the hard work

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    1. I read every day these days though I did used to. I sometimes read a book over several days and sometimes a shorter book (and my free time) means I can review a book in a day! Honestly I only started seriously reading and reviewing in the last few months of my blog and with ComedyBookWeek I got even more into reading. So at the moment I spent most of my free time reading, colouring or doing some meditation. I think it’s meditating that keeps me focused and calm. If I wasn’t calm right now I’d freak out about how many things I need to read before a certain date and how much there is to do with all the new platforms! 🙂 I’m not complaining about the exposure though. lol
      Thank you for the compliments, You’re great, to be honest I’m not sure how you manage a post a day! I can’t think of new things to talk about everyday so I am truly impressed with your posts. And I do read them though I’m not always logged in to like them. Great to see you posting on mts too 🙂 ❤

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