Quick Welcome, Anniversary and Update

Hi everyone this is just a post to firstly thank all the new followers I gained overnight.  I’ll try to visit your blogs as soon as I can I’ve just been a bit over busy this week and will still be a touch busy for the rest of the week.

I wanted to thank both Vicki and Benjamin for the nominations of awards.  I’ve been nominated for 3 awards!  I’ll post more on those in the next few days :).  All this plus an anniversary message from WordPress.  Apparently I registered with the site a year ago!  However that year ago was all about creating a website for my reviews and I didn’t even know really what blogging was back then – shocking I know :o!  My first official blog post (well first one where I learned how to use tags and so got some people reading it) was the last week of November, so a long while a away before I truly celebrate a year of my blog!

I’ll keep up with reviews on this site but I have to warn you that I do have another YA book coming up for review.  The reason for an influx of kids/teen books is simply because I get several at a time from one publisher so I suddenly had a lot of these books and I promise to spread them out evenly among other genres in the future, lol 😉

In the meantime I want to say Happy 4th July to all American friends out there and I wanted to lead you to a post which mentions and linked back with the one I made on the EU referendum recently.  Please take a look at this blog post from  Restless Boundaries titled America the Beautiful

See you all soon 🙂


16 thoughts on “Quick Welcome, Anniversary and Update

      1. Good :). Never rush anything, blogging is supposed to be fun, always remember that :). Let me know when you post on MTS (whenever that is) it’s sometimes hard to find an individual’s post there

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