News! News! And more News!

Yes, if you haven’t noticed already I’ve bombarded you with my posts, this will make 3 posts in one day! 😮  I have a lot of news about my blog and I wanted to share it all but rather than filling up your feeds with lots of separate posts I thought I’d put it all together in one post :).  Here goes:

So, first news is that I have a calendar of events happening in July!  Rather than posting as and when I read and review something (which I’ll still do for other books) I have specific days where something’s happening!  I’ll post July’s events tomorrow but for now I’ll just say that on 9th July I’ll be taking part in the ‘Visions of Zarua’ blog tour and 16th – 23rd July is #ComedyBookWeek where I will have a variety of book reviews of everything funny :).

Second piece of news is that my article on intolerance around the EU referendum has been published on F*cking Feminists magazine!  Now please don’t be offended by the name of this magazine (although if you do visit the site the name is displayed without the *).  The name comes from the fact that this is often the response people give when somebody tells them they are a feminist.  Feminism, as the site will tell you, is about more than just equality for women but equality over sexuality, race, disabilities, etc.  If you have to time please do visit and see the article – if just to see the image that’s attached to the article (even if you’ve read it before) the site is still quite new and not many ‘likes’ or followers there yet.  Here is my article on FF magazine.  And for those that want to read the original article on My Trending Stories

The last bit of news I wanted to share is that for those that want to follow my articles on My Trending Stories can do so directly by visiting my profile page there and then clicking on the share buttons on the top (at least it should work, let me know if it doesn’t).  I will still post up my articles on my blog but if you want to see the latest articles without a few days delay then please do follow me there :).  Of course there will be some overlap of book reviews and poetry there, but you guys like reading my work right 😉 :).

Well that’s it thank you for reading this and I have two more book reviews for some kids activity books tomorrow.  Thank you to all of you that read my blog, without your support this blog wouldn’t exist and I never would have had the courage to write both creatively and seriously, so a big hug and a thank you to all of you and as always I’ll do my best to visit all your blogs.  Feel free to comment, I love hearing from everyone (wordpresser or not) 🙂 .


16 thoughts on “News! News! And more News!

    1. Thank you :). I’m not sure where the photo was taken but I did see an article in the newspaper a few days ago that people in some town are putting up laminated signs all over the town like that. It’s bad enough to put up the sign, but to laminate it!?

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  1. kat , Congratulation to you – well done. I will check out FF mag and trending stories.

    Well done and you must feel so great, and also extremely organized. I wish I had not read that post by om about other blogging sites – i too would have joined my trending stories. Anyway, there is benefit in everything.

    Wish you continued success. Bella

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    1. Thank you. Did you actually reject my trending stories though? I’ll reply to that email you sent later today but you can message or email me if you’d prefer not to talk about anything on the open blog 🙂


      1. I have only been doing the book reviews. I am too much of an emotional writer. When all my emotions are messed up, I grow fictionally frigid. 😦 I need to work on that.

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      2. Don’t worry, everyone has time when they can’t write :). As for emotional writer, I think it’s good to put emotions into your writing, and if you have a block in being able to write see it as a time for ideas to develop 🙂

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