Daily Prompt: A Place I Used to Call Home


So this Daily Prompt Challenge (Tourist) poem is completely related to that article I posted on My Trending Stories (click here) a few days ago.  If you haven’t read it yet please to check it out!

A Place I Used To Call Home

What has happened to my home?

Where I used to safely roam.

Somewhere I did feel safe,

Now abandoned I am a waif.

Alone I wander thinking why

This place now makes me cry.

A shadow of hatred no-one can see.

I am a tourist in my own country.


15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: A Place I Used to Call Home

  1. Yeah – I feel like crying – honestly. Been here my whole life, from nursery to university to international companies working in london – getting taxed crazy. Before the EU there was no choice in food and so much, with the EU and everything, life got so much better. We will enjoy two is years of relatively no change, but when we are out. – so so so so sad. I just cant get over brexit – in one second just one second we fall so hard. racism in this country has always been there – but it was a sleep. now . I don’t even feel like blogging – i feel so numb by it .

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    1. Please don’t feel so bad. All hope is not yet gone. Nobody has enacted that article 50 or whatever it’s called yet. And the fact that Boris Johnson said that there’s no rush to leave the EU just proves how many current politicians are still firmly in the remain camp (I think he just stood as a leave campaigner to get back at Cameron and prove himself as the next leader!) And also Scotland plans to veto the brexit thing so there’s always hope.

      Don’t let this get to you, a lot can happen in two years and it’s important to keep in a positive mindset.

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      1. The latest boris is not standing to lead. He stabbed cameron and he got stabbed too. I think yetesterday or day before eu said we wont discuss anything until you act acticle 50… they said you want our and to be in single market is impossible.. they will be tough with us because others want to leave eu. And now too much damage has been even if we remain we would be in a weaker footing.. i know most people are angry at cameron…buthe is the only person of any character that can speak to eu.

        We have to see what happen…butit a right royal mess.. everyday british politics dies … what does tomorrow hold…

        Anyway your post is lovely i’ll pretend brexit is a bad dream

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      2. Yes, pretend it’s a bad dream. I firmly believe that positive thoughts help create a positive future (ok it may not always work but it’s far better than stressing ourselves with worry). I just read up on Boris and yes he’s stepping down because Gove wants to be in the leadership race! The conservatives are have a new leader election, the labour party are forcing Corbyn to have a leader election…What on earth has happened to the UK!?

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