Daily Prompt Poetry: The Fence


For those interested this poem is for the daily prompt challenge with today’s word being ‘Fence’.  For those thinking I’ve abandoned book reviewing fear not, I’ve got a book review coming up later today and a whole barrage of them and other posts coming over the next week! 🙂  I will also be visiting blogs, replying to messages etc. I’ve just been busy the last few days so forgive my absence.  In the meantime here’s this poem let me know what you think in the comments below :).

The Fence

I stand alone, my side of this wall,

I try so hard to be strong.

But I cannot pretend that you aren’t there,

What you did was wrong.

You didn’t care about my feelings,

You ignore my every cry.

I cannot pretend that you aren’t there,

To do that I’d have to die.

I wish this wall was solid so,

You wouldn’t see me suffer.

But you pretend that I’m not there,

Now you love another.


8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Poetry: The Fence

    1. Thank you, it’s why I keep finding pics with dogs, I think they make a real impact on the poem :).

      I sometimes go through a phase where I don’t post much poetry and clearly recently I’ve gone a bit over the top with the poetry 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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