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If you follow me on Facebook then you’ll already know this but for those that don’t, I’m excited to say I have had 12 shares on Facebook for my first discussion post on My Trending Stories!!  I call it a discussion post but it’s really an off topic article which isn’t a review or poetry.  I can’t believe I’ve had 12 shares ( technically it’s 14 but 2 of them were me)!  I’m just so happy that people are reading my articles let alone sharing them too!  I’m so grateful for anybody here who has shared my articles and for those people out there who aren’t following my blog, thank you too :).

I’ll be writing more such articles and posting them on My Trending Stories in the future.  Rather than filling this review site with those posts I’ll periodically leave links to them in blog posts such as this one :).   If you follow me on facebook (and hopefully in the future I’ll be on twitter too) these posts will be automatically placed as part of my page’s feed.  What do you think?  A good idea? Would you like to have links periodically to my other writing on My Trending Stories?

I’ll be getting back to more book reviews and visiting blogs tomorrow.

In the meantime here is my first article on My Trending Stories, it’s a re-write of a previous post I did on this blog about a month ago.


8 thoughts on “My Trending Stories Discussion Posts / Articles

  1. Kat nice work. I got approached by trending stories and then a bloggers said in post there a lot of xyz and i regretted not following through. Anyway, there is benefit in everything.

    great post you are talented writer

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    1. Thank you :). What did bloggers say about mytremdingstories? I’ve heard someone say they thought it was a spam email. Is it too late for you to reply to them if you want to? I’m sure they’d like another contributer 🙂

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      1. I think his logo is OM – OpinatedMan. He said it is spam or something. like that. I don’t know. I liked what they where doing. They are New York based. When I asked is it all free. They mentioned money at some point , then I asked about double taxation as I am in the UK , how it would work. They went a quite. I am not an expert – on tax or money or working with USA organisations as a self employed person. All I know it could be a bit tricky. I don’t know – too new to blogging to know what is right and what is wrong and that scares me. Let me know what you think of mytrendingstories … lets see. thanks bella

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      2. Well he’s certainly opinionated, lol! Yes mytrending said something about money too but they said it would be part of something at a later date so I thought I may as well do it while it’s free. I’m not sure about how to get paid or whether it’s right for my book reviews, but at the moment it’s just their thoughts and besides I haven’t given them account details so they can’t pay me even if they wanted to lol! I’ll keep you posted. Have a great night 🙂

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