Daily Prompt: Your Touch…


This is a rather dark poem for the Daily Prompt: Empty.  As I said before, dark poetry seems to flow easier than light, so ‘enjoy’.

Your Touch…

Why did you do it, touch me that way,

Then leave me, with nothing to say.

Drained me you did, from all that I was,

You have no reason, no excuse, no because.

My heart once full of joy and love,

You pushed, stepped on, gave a shove.

Instead a pain that will always last,

A lifetime of hatred that’s never past.

I detest the day that you touched me,

The day my soul became empty.


12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Your Touch…

  1. Ugh! Sounds like unwanted touching to me.
    I think maybe many find dark poetry easier to write because suffering is such a reality for all of humanity. It’s like people are able to empathize because they know what it’s like.
    Nice meeting you. Actually found you over at mytrendingstories.

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    1. You’re right about the unwanted touching.
      Hi! Nice to meet you too, do you post on my trendingstories too? I’ll visit your site tomorrow (it’s getting late for me today) but it’s so nice to meet someone though mytrendingstories! 🙂

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  2. Great poem, I really like that you always express your thoughts so candidly and simply, raw. In dark poems, such as this one, I don’t think more is needed, I think this is what can make someone who reads it snap and decide, and change something, start healing.

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    1. Thank you :). My thoughts just seem to pour out in this raw sort of way. It’s definitely healing for me to write them down. It’s amazing how much writing can make us feel better, no matter how dark the words we write.

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