I’ve Joined My Trending Stories!

my trending stories

I have some news that I’m super excited about!  There’s a reason I’ve been half away the last two days. I’ve been asked to join the team at a new blogging site My Trending Stories.  It’s another opportunity to spread the word about happymeerkatreviews and I’m so thrilled to have been asked!

I’ll be posting up future book reviews as well as some poetry on there too.  What does this mean for my blog here?  Well, not much will change here.  This blog is still my number one outlet and I have many books to read and review for you in the coming months.  The only thing that will change is that there’s yet another site for my work to appear on.

Please do visit My Trending Stories if you have the chance.  It’s a great site with many different articles, from news, sport to reviews and creative stuff like stories and poetry.  And if you want a direct link to my profile there (which I’ll be adding to my about page soon) it’s here!

I’ll be blogging another colouring book review tomorrow (I got hold of a lot of colouring books recently) so I hope you can excuse the lack of presence here for the last few days.  Have a great day/weekend everyone! 🙂 :D!


14 thoughts on “I’ve Joined My Trending Stories!

    1. Interesting you should ask. While I do see some traffic to my site using them, so far there’s not much reward compared to just putting things on my blog and sharing myself on facebook etc. There is also no revenue scheme in place. They seem to keep saying they’ll put it in place so soon we’ll be earning a little for our posts, but it’s always something in the pipline.
      As for the readership, while I notice an occasional visit to my site via MTS, I really noticed a fall in visits since they hid the entertainment category from the front page. I write book reviews – part of the entertainment category, but now it doesn’t appear on the front page anymore so only a handful of people ever read my reviews on there. I do notice sone people follow me on occasion, but it’s turned more from a site that anyone can view and comment on, into somewhere you have to be registered to comment and well …I don’t know. Mixed feelings but not as happy or excited as I was when I started. Are you thinking of joining? It costs me nothing to be there though so I stay for now, but I believe that it depends on what kind of articles you choose to put on there. When I put a thought-provoking article, it certainly nets more views that just reviews or poetry :).


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