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A Story and Colouring Book: The Dollymops

Before the review I’d just like to send out a quick message of thank you and welcome to new followers.  Also, sorry I haven’t visited some of the blogs I follow or replied to messages, I’ve been a busy and will still be tomorrow but I’ll catch up with all my blogs and messages after that :).  In the meantime…


I was kindly sent a free copy of this children’s book by the publisher Austin Macauley.  It’s both a story book and a colouring book.  Here is my review:

Welcome to Colourington, the home of the Dollymops!  While the whole of Colourington is full of colour, the back yard of the colour factory is grey.  The Dollymops need to add some colour and find a creative way to do it. This children’s book helps develop kids creativity through colouring while telling a lovely story at the same time.

The book is A4 in size and the spine is on the shorter side of the book (the image above seems to be a warped image or an older cover).  The Dollymops is a children’s book for younger kids with larger text.  Each page has some lovely and very colourful images which adds to the overall story.  The actual tale isn’t just a simple ‘let’s paint the factory’ but teaches kids about an indian festival of colour and there is a lovely message of getting everybody involved, working together and having fun.


Once the story is finished kids are invited to colour in some pictures.  There’s no writing that says ‘now you colour…’ but there are four pages of various images that come from the story pages but they are completely uncoloured.  The pages of the book are a little glossy so I was worried that various media wouldn’t work on the colouring pages, but to my surprise everything I’ve tried works.  Colouring pencils and in particular felt pens work very well on the paper, though there is print on both sides so I wouldn’t recommend felt pens for kids.  But if pencils work I believe crayons would too and of course if you want to save the images you can always scan and print the pages for kids to use paints too.  The images are simple yet have enough detail to keep slightly older kids happy.  I’m an adult and I confess, I love colouring in these images too :)!


This is a lovely colouring and story book that really helps teach kids about being creative.  Not only can kids have fun colouring but you can also teach about the different colours too.


For the book blurb, more pictures, plus links to Amazon UK, US and Goodreads please click here (opens in new tab)


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