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Fun Colouring Book with a Musical Twist: Symphony of Nature

symphony of nature

I was kindly sent this book by the creator and their family for a review.  It’s a wonderful and unique colouring book.  Here is my review but apologies if the pictures are difficult to see:

I really love this book and the overall theme of music in nature, hence the name ‘Symphony of Nature’! Every page in this book has a nature theme, whether it’s plants, the sea or animals and throughout each image there’s something musical. It can be anything from a camel with drums for humps, a chicken with musical notes on its head to a snake shaped like a treble clef. Each picture is very unique and considering all the different colouring books I’ve tried, I am very impressed with how original and different this book is.


This book is square and a little smaller in height and width than books like Millie Marotta’s or Johanna Basford’s, The thickness of the book is about the same though. Each page is crisp white and although the pages are thinner than some books it is still a very decent thickness and could take the use of some pens, although I haven’t personally used any pens in my colouring. Almost all the images in the book are printed on only one side of the paper, only a few images are double spread images. Using pencils is easy and the paper takes them well. The only downside is that the book’s spine doesn’t open as freely as some others, this means colouring all the way into the spine can sometimes be tricky, however most images, as I said, are not double page spreads and nothing major sits in the spine of the pictures.


The back of the book has a doodling and colouring section. There is a chance to paint patterns on butterfly wings, add notes, add underwater creatures, there is even a blank space to create your own symphony of nature, as well as a happy giraffe at the end of the book. This section is far smaller than on some other colouring books which will suit well those people who dislike doodling in colouring books, but there’s still enough for those who enjoy this feature to have fun and create your own musical world of nature.

Overall I really love this book, more than I thought I would. I’ve never seen animals turned into musical instruments in a colouring book before and all the musical elements just make this very unique and fun, it’s also quite detailed so hours of colouring.   An added bonus to this book is that a previous 3 books are all in one in this and the cost is very good too for how many pages of colouring you get.


For more pictures plus links to amazon UK and amazon US please click here (opens in a new tab).


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