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Great Fun for All Ages: Prehistoric Colouring Book


Here is another lovely colouring book, this time aimed at kids although I’ve enjoyed using it as much as any kids would!  I was kindly sent the ‘Prehistoric Colouring Book‘ by the publisher Austin Macauley for a review.  Here it is:

Everybody loves dinosaurs! I certainly did as a child and I still do and the Prehistoric Colouring Book is a great book for anyone who loves dinosaurs and wants to colour them in. This book is A4 in size and has a great introduction by the illustrator who mentions her passion for collecting fossils as a child and how that interest is still with her today.


The book’s spine is on the top rather than the side. Every image is printed on just one side which means there’s no bleeding of colours into the other side of the page if you choose to use felt pens to colour. Each page is good quality, the paper has slightly more texture than many other colouring books which makes using pencils and pens easy, the pages are however a bit thinner than some colouring books out there so I’d still advise using a scrap piece of paper or card underneath the picture being coloured if using felt pens.


Every image is different and all dinosaur related. There are various dinos, eggs, plants, snakes, a dinosaur coming out of an egg. Some of the images are more detailed than others but I’m surprised just how much detail some have and many adults will love using the colouring book as much as kids (I do!). Each page has a slight cream tint to it but this doesn’t detract from the book, in fact I find it easier to look at slightly cream pages than white ones.


I’ve really enjoyed this colouring book. There is enough colouring to keep both kids and adults happy for many hours and whatever you’re age, if you like colouring and dinosaurs I’m sure you’ll like this book!


For more pictures plus links to Amazon UK and US please click here (opens in a new tab)


10 thoughts on “Great Fun for All Ages: Prehistoric Colouring Book

    1. There are so many fans of dinosaurs I’ve found since posting this review and all female! 🙂 It really is a great book to colour. I love so many colouring books (my collection of reviewed colouring books is…insane, lol!), I’d love to know which fairy book you have?

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      1. My daughter had the Ladybird book of Dinosaurs when she was about 4 years old and I had to read the whole thing to her every night before bed for over a year! I nearly collapsed with shock when she asked for a different book.

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