Poetry: Why Did You Blank Me?

The following is a poem for the Daily Prompt Challenge: Blank.  For those that read my blog regularly, particularly my previous post When Constructive Criticism = Lost Friendship, A Sad but True Story don’t worry.  I’m not as sad as this poem suggests, but sad poetry seems to flow from me easier than anything happy, maybe because of my depression, or who knows why!  😮

We clicked just like that,

Right from the start.

We’d be friends for a lifetime,

I felt it in my heart.

We shared so much,

Spent hours at a time.

You trusted me with your secrets,

And I you with mine.

Our bond was so strong,

I was sure it would last.

We felt we’d known each other,

From a life past.

But I was an idiot,

Too blinded to see.

You just wanted to take,

To use me.

I gave you my time,

My heart and my soul.

I wanted to help,

But that wasn’t my role.

You took what you wanted,

And then you left,

Never looking back,

My soul bereft.

I disappeared from your life,

Like I was never there.

I try to speak,

But you never care.

My words are nothing,

You never reply.

You couldn’t even,

Say goodbye.

You took so much,

More than you know.

It wasn’t just my time,

That I let go.

I gave a part of myself,

A part you won’t return.

Because of that bridge,

You watch burn.

So here I am empty,

And you will never see

The space in my heart

Where you used to be.

I was nothing to you,

No more than a tool,

Now you’ve used me,

I die a fool.


22 thoughts on “Poetry: Why Did You Blank Me?

  1. It’s amazing, if that can be said for a very touching poem.
    If it helps, the words hit home straight. It helps knowing that there are other people out there who have been used just like me, and I’m not the only fool.
    Question: are you able to let anyone close again? Trust again? I can’t seem to.

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    1. Thank you. 🙂
      It is very hard. I’m trying but I find it touch to trust people in general, the fact I let someone into my life, trusted them and then they blanked me…That has been so very hard to deal with. I’m learning to trust again, but when something like this happens I think barriers go up (I’ve been doing that my whole life) and trusting another person becomes harder each time we are treated like this. Don’t feel a fool. It’s not you who is the fool for trusting and caring for someone, it’s the fool for letting you go ❤


  2. Flows beautifully with a sorrowful voice. Heartfelt poems always sing so strongly. Sorry that person broke your trust and your friendship – in the end, they lost more than you did.

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  3. I can relate to the words in the poem. But, the true lesson is that this person has lost a wonderful caring friend and she will come to know this when she needs a friend the most and be sorry for her actions.

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    1. I hope they do, it’s so sad to dissolve a friendship, the least that could have happened was saying they didn’t want to talk. I’m not mad at them though, that would be a waste of my own energy and time. Thank you again for commenting :).


  4. Very relatable, it feels weird to always read and write poems like these and think how this great pain (which it is!) can seem so distant when you put it on a page. It is one of those moments I guess where I can see how and why do many suggest writing even as a form of therapy and release.

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    1. It’s strangely therapeutic. I always feel better getting any negative feelings down in a poem, it’s as if the act of writing it releases it from my heart and mind…If that makes sense, lol. Now if only I could get that ‘friend’ to read this post…

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