Update on Where I’ve Been

Well I thought I should send out a quick post update to you guys following me in case you think I’ve fallen off the map.  I’ve been working on getting myself on Facebook and have been working on a facebook page that will hopefully link up my blog posts with it.  Whether it works is still a mystery but this post might help solve that issue as it’s going to be my first post sent to that page, if all works I’ll edit this and give you the link.  Though be warned, I still am new and quite clueless when it comes to Facebook as I am with all social media but wordpress!  Any help with it is appreciated :).  And if you’re from Facebook and reading this on my page there, welcome! lol

EDIT:  It posted to my Facebook page!  Yay!  I’ll get some proper link buttons on my website done tomorrow, but for those wishing to follow this blog on facebook it’s at:

The next thing is that I was going to post a book review along with another post today about my trip to the National Pet Show on saturday.  Hopefully both posts will come tomorrow (or at least one of them) but I couldn’t post them today.  After feeling quite good after the pet show I suddenly came down with a virus today, nothing serious, or so I thought.  My symptoms have gotten severely worse in the space of just a few hours and long story short I had to rush to the hospital because something happened.  Now while the virus is severe and I’ve been put on bed rest, the number of times I’ve sneezed has been record breaking and unbelievably all that sneezing (I think) led to an unrelated complication.  Well I don’t want to scare anyone, I’ve scared myself enough as it is and it’s not the most pleasant of things to say but I’ve basically lost virtually all sight in my left eye.  I know, scary!  Luckily it’s a temporary sight loss!  I’ve actually suffered this before, it’s from a bleed within my eye from diabetic complications.  Now before I get  barrage of people tut-tutting that I’ve gone and eaten too much sugar, I’m actually a type 1 diabetic and this complication came as a surprise to doctors the last time it happened as well as now.  The truly strange thing here is though that doctors have worked hard to heal my eye last time and nobody expected this to happen, particularly from getting a virus.  Maybe it’s not the virus but whatever has happened it’s made writing anything or reading far more difficult than it should be.  I either have to squint one eye shut or wear an eye patch to see easier. (Aargh Matey! – yep I chose the eye patch! lol)

So, while that’s happened, I am positive, as are the doctors, that this will again go away and just takes time.  They’ve done everything they can to help but the left over blood in my eye just takes a long time to clear.  However my current state today, all virus ridden and looking like a pirate makes me feel more than a little down :(!  Anyway, I’ll try to get at least one post out for you guys tomorrow.  The pet show was wonderful and I’d love to share some of the pictures I took, lots of very different animals on show as well as the obvious dogs and cats!

Don’t worry about me, hopefully I will see better soon, though any good vibes, well wishes are much appreciated :).  I just wanted to update you guys and share.  It feels good to have some friends here when you’re feeling a little down. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Update on Where I’ve Been

  1. Oh you poor thing! What a nasty thing to have to put up with. I hope you get better very soon. Type 1 diabetes is nasty and is yet another condition caused by a faulty immune system like my rheumatoid arthritis. Take care of yourself xx
    Congratulations on getting the facebook page off the ground!

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      1. Thank-you. I’ve had it for years and am used to it and really don’t mind about it any more. I am fortunately in remission at present and take very effective drugs. Side effects are a bit of a nuisance though 😦

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      2. Thank-you. Side effects mainly stomach problems 😦 I have to take more tablets to counteract the side effects! Would be great if they could invent drugs without side effects. I hear that scientists are beginning to research using peoples’ DNA etc to enable them to produce drugs that will suit our individual metabolism/allergies and so on. That would be wonderful!

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      3. Yes, drugs tailored to each individual, that would be wonderful! :). I hope it happens in this lifetime. And I hope you’re alright with all those drugs. It’s no fun to be on any drugs at all, no matter what kind they are.

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