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Review: Become The Best You by Renee Davis

become the best you

This is another self-help book, this one kindly sent to me by the publisher, Austin Macauley.  I’ve been reading a lot of them after my recent bout of depression and this particular book is great for those who’ve had a less than happy start to life.  Here is my review:

Many people have a happy, well-adjusted upbringing. But plenty of us have had a dysfunctional childhood, a past that haunts us and causes us to create a repeating pattern of negative behaviour. If you feel like you’ve been stuck in this pattern of self-destructive behaviour, feel you are repeating the mistakes of your parents or just want to be able to let go of the past then this book is for you.

This book is an easy read and at 104 pages it won’t take long but the advice given will inspire anyone to motivate themselves to change. I’ve picked up many self-help books in the past and a lot of what I’ve read in this book I have already read in others, but what makes Renee Davis’ book unique is that she herself has had a dysfunctional past. The whole book isn’t written from the perspective of a therapist or trained professional who knows what to advise but hasn’t experienced it, no, Renee Davis is just a normal person who has gone through the process of breaking from her dysfunctional past and now she advises us how to do it too.

Renee is very open about her past and her own dysfunctional and destructive young adulthood. It is because of this openness that the book is really readable and relatable. While you may not have gone through the exact same things as Renee you really feel as if a friend is helping you deal with everything rather than a tone of being told what to do, which many other self-help books can be like.

Each chapter of the book starts with an inspiring quote to get you motivated. There are no long blocks of text that make your eyes glaze over, instead the book is written with short paragraphs giving simple advice, plans of action and whatever you read you just feel inspired to take charge of and change your own life.

This book can be read by anyone. While it may not go into great depth about individual problems, the motivation, general advice and tone make you want to change your life, break from your cycle of dysfunction and ultimately become the person you want to be.

Rating: 5/5

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Author’s website:

Book Description:

Are you stuck in a rut of negative and detrimental behaviour?

Are you spending too much time glancing backwards because it feels impossible to forgive the past?

Are you desperate not to make the same mistakes your parents made?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this is the book for you.

After her dysfunctional upbringing Reneé Davis knew she wanted more out of life, but had no idea how she was going to achieve it. She lived life in self-destruct mode for years until she eventually made peace with the past, ditched bad influences and behaviour, and got comfortable with what she saw in the mirror.

This book tells you how you can do the same. How you can change your life and break your own cycle of dysfunction.

Anyone is capable of doing it. You just have to want to badly enough


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