A bug? A virus? What the heck happened?

So, I DO have a book review coming up today and hopefully will be producing them more often on this blog from now on, but I just logged in today and found madness on my stats page.  I was getting tens of hits a second all from Turkey, all for my latest review blog post and no new visitors.  It only started after I logged in and I ended up with 308 views for the one post within ten minutes of me logging in! 😮

I decided to make the post private for a few minutes and that seemed to stop the craziness.  It obviously wasn’t just a person, unless their pc was constantly  refreshing the page, but even then it was just happening too fast to be a person, rather some program or virus or what the heck?  I don’t even know what could cause that to happen!  If anyone has any clues please let me know.  I’ve made the public again and all seems to be fine now.  If there is no more weirdness then you can expect another book review later today, and I already have one lined up for later in the week (maybe even two 😮 🙂 )


9 thoughts on “A bug? A virus? What the heck happened?

  1. I’m glad that issue went away and it better not happen again! It was smart of you to make the post private for a bit. If that ever happens a second time, I’d suggest doing the exact same thing. I’m sure glad WordPress allows you to see your stats in detail.

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    1. I appreciate that but no I don’t think it was that. This was only one person (wordpress allows you to see if it’s lots of users or just one) and it was coming in at about 20-40 hits a minute, I don’t think a person can refresh a browser that often.


    1. I’ve tried the support forum, more than once actually (for a different reason before) and have had no replies at all :(. I haven’t had any more of these crazy hits, but yes a bit worrying, especially as I want my stats to reflect real hits to my site not some weird hack/virus :(.

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