The Price I Pay for Amazon Fame…

The price I pay for amazon fame

Is to be a part of the trolling game.

They leave their votes, it’s never clear why

Then I check my profile and give a big sigh.

All I do is review with truth

All they do is comment uncouth.

So, the price I pay for amazon fame

Is to be a part of the trolling game.

No, I haven’t lost the plot (or maybe I have, I’m not sure), but that was an attempt at the Daily Prompt which anyone can take part in.  I decided to write that poem with the prompt ‘Price’ after waking up today and finding a barrage of negative votes on my amazon reviews, coupled with rather harsh words once again on how I only give a 5 star review for something because I received it at a discount or free.

Of course receiving such negativity after just being in a bout of depression wasn’t very nice and I saw only two ways of dealing with it.  Either get all upset and depressed again or channel that negativity into something creative….Like writing a poem.  I don’t know if it’s any good, it’s just a bunch of rhyming, and I don’t know if anybody cares to read such things on a reviewing blog (sorry if you don’t), but it was my way of coping today :).  Feel free to tell me what you think of this post, all comments welcome, whether positive or negative :o.


28 thoughts on “The Price I Pay for Amazon Fame…

  1. Nothing makes me more upset that people trolling authentic people. Those trolls are definitely not worth your time, but something good did come out of it: Creativity!

    I really like the word you chose to rhyme truth with… I actually had to look up uncouth (lol). Thanks for teaching me something new!

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    1. Lol, not sure the poem’s any good, despite people’s kind words but it just came to my head so I went with it. Actually it was quite the cathartic experience and really took away all the stress that I would have felt if I hadn’t written the poem :), so I might write more of them in the future :o!

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      1. Don’t doubt your creative outpouring! I think what your poem does is take a negative situation, and make it more light-hearted, so I can see why it was such a cathartic experience for you. Now you can see why I’m addicted to poetry! 😀 Keep on writing!!

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      2. Will do! I think I might take part in that daily prompt more often too. Not sure if it’s supposed to just be for new bloggers but sometimes a word can trigger a whole story or poem in my head, lol.

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      3. That’s great! I’ll take a look later on but right now don’t know what’s happeneing. I think I just got some sort of spam-like thing happening on my site. I’ve just logged in and keep having the same page viewed over and over every minute :(. It’s messing with my statistics, I currently have over 225 views from turkey, same visitor but hundreds of views. Not sure what to do :(.


      4. Thank you!! 🙂

        Oh no! I hope that stops. That has happened to me before and eventually, that viewer simply stopped viewing. I’d say just change your password to be on the safe side.

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      5. I will do, but the hits we’re more likely some hack or something :(. I was getting 20-40 hits a minute, I don’t think people can view the same page that often in their browser 😦 I really hope somebody hasn’t done some sort of virus or hack.


      6. Any idea how to contact wordpress? When I look for support all I get directed to is the forums and they haven’t helped me at all. 😦 I mean literally nobody has left a message on my question. Oh well, just gotta hope my blog’s okay.


  2. The poetry is good. I have voted on Amazon now and again, they bombard me with invites to asking me my opinion. To be quite honest I never bother to see what the reaction is, I just move on to another book.

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    1. I know, I get those emails all the time too, but I’m a top 500 review on amazon so sometimes it gets to me when I don’t see genuine votes but pure trolling.
      Thank you for the compliment on my poem. It’s the first time I ever put anything creative out into the blogosphere :o. I will take a look at your site more tomorrow, I really like it and noticed you have one about cats too on your gravatar page? I love cats :).


    1. Thank you :). I won’t. They are not worth the effort of getting worked up and stressed. I’m so glad I’ve got my wordpress friends, I don’t think I’d be so cheery and strong as I have been without you :).

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  3. Good for you, that’s the best way to deal with negativity.
    I’ve only ever been able to write poetry when it’s about something personal. I suppose it’s a way to let off steam. You’ve inspired me to dig out some of my old poems. I wonder how much they’ll make me cringe!

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