Time for a Change…

This is a big deal for me.  I’m making a bit of a change in in my life which will effect my blogging here.  For some of you who have read my previous post titled ‘Why I’ve Been Away’ you may know I went through some personal problems which kept me away from my blog for a bit.  Well I’ll be honest with all of you and tell you that I’ve recently been through a very bad time emotionally.  I suffered quite a severe bout of depression which left me unable to function and I just felt terrible about myself and my life.  The trolling on amazon really didn’t help the situation and led to me feeling far worse and I’ve spend the week or two slowly recovering from that depression.

Although I have really enjoyed reviewing all sorts of things on amazon, it just hasn’t been as enjoyable as it used to be these past couple of months.  Reviewing on amazon is done in my spare time.  I don’t get paid for it and while it was something that helped me get through a difficult time, it’s not had the same effect of late.  So, it’s time for a change…

Something I am good at and really do enjoy doing is reading and reviewing books.  I’ve certainly had a lot of support for my book reviews here on wordpress and people keep telling me they enjoy my reviews.  It’s actually an amazing thing to find that I enjoy writing book reviews and that people enjoy reading them especially as about a year ago I really didn’t have the confidence to write a book review and thought it was something I’d be terrible at – seriously I really had such low self confidence back then.

Reading books has always been a passion of mine and now writing reviews for them is too.  So I’ve decided to focus most of my energy into that.  I am not going to completely abandon reviewing on amazon, but I’m going to focus more on book reviews and this blog which has really given me the confidence to do this.  Doing this is wonderful because I just feel more appreciated for my book reviews and freeing time from reviewing a lot of products means I have more time to spend taking care of myself too which is something I’ve had to do recently to deal with the depression.  I will always be grateful for all the people who have put their trust and confidence in me to write their product reviews and I don’t think I would have started this blog/website without my amazon reviewing but everyone moves forwards in life and for me that’s focusing on books :).

To that end I’ve spent the last few days pushing out amazon reviews for some items I received a while back, and now I’ll only have the odd item or two to review that I enjoy.  I’ve already been inundated with book review requests, some of them from Goodreads, some from wordpress and a lot still through amazon (I guess it helps to have a ‘top reviewer’ status there 🙂 ).  I already have a waiting time of about 2-3 months on my book reviews, but if anyone is interested in me reviewing a book I am open to requests :).

I’ve added a ‘review submissions’ page to my website, under my ‘about me’ page so people know what sort of books/products I can and cannot review.  And I’m also looking to join the The Book Review Directory.  I don’t know if I’ll be accepted or not or if it’ll do anything but it seems like a good thing to do :).

Some people have told me I’m crazy to turn away ‘easy’ product reviews for harder more subjective book reviews.  But I see reading the books of authors and particularly new authors a wonderful opportunity, especially as there are so many books out there these days.  The chance to find and share with others a really great book is far more rewarding than I couldn’t have imagined.  Not just that but plenty of the authors I have reviewed for have since become good friends and that’s something else to smile and be happy about.  (I must point out at this stage that all my book reviews are unbiased and I would still give a negative/neutral review – although reluctantly – to a friend’s book if it really wasn’t good enough).

Spending more time reviewing books won’t just make me enjoy my time but actually free up some personal time too and who knows maybe I’ll turn my hand to some creative writing too.  I’ve always enjoyed writing myself in the past I’ve just never had the confidence to put anything out there.  Maybe in future I’ll try participating in the Daily Prompt Challenge or something like that.  Whatever happens I know that what I’m doing is making my life happier and if you suffer from depression you have to do what feels right for you and gives you self confidence. 🙂 😀


25 thoughts on “Time for a Change…

  1. I absolutely love your book reviews (not just because your review of SABL was a very favorable one, lol), so I’m glad you’ve decided to focus more on that. 🙂

    I’m very sorry to hear about how you’ve been feeling. I hope this new venture helps you feel better!

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    1. I’m definitely feeling more cheerful when I review books. Some people think it’s crazy to turn away items for reviewing because of the monetary value of them, but to me books, words have more value than mere objects. And I think it’s here on wordpress that I’ve found people who agree :).

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  2. I’m glad you’ve decided to focus more on book reviews and that it is helping you. From someone who has been on the receiving end of one of your reviews, I really felt you understood my book. Your review left me smiling all evening and the following day. It’s good to know that we’ve both gained something from it. Hopefully mentioning your review on Dan Alatorre’s site will send more traffic your way.
    Good luck with your reviewing, whatever form that takes.

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    1. Thank you. It really means a lot that my reviews are really enjoyed. I really did and still am fighting some low self confidence issues. But all the support here has really helped me and I hope everyone will continue to enjoy my reviews. Oh and if you’d like a review for a future book, just ask :).

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  3. I know for one, your reviews are as pleasant as reading a good book. I truly enjoyed this post and believe you are an excellent writer yourself. I will be posting your website information on my Facebook and continue advertising it. There are many authors on my Facebook and my twitter who would love to get their hands on a , A+ reviewer and that’s all the seek is an honest review. Honest reviews are gold medals no matter what the rating, because it is going to help the writer one way or another. Looking forward to reading more reviews.

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    1. Wow, thank you so much :). You are just too kind about my reviews. I feel so much more confident these days about my own writing and reviews but still, part of me cannot believe just how much support I have for all my reviewing, I really did feel I was no good at it a year ago.


  4. Reviewing is something I really feel you are doing from the heart, so it makes me happy to hear you are not afraid to reclaim something you really enjoy from the shadows that invaded it. And I do look forward to reading more of your reviews! 🙂

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  5. Well done C! I know how difficult it is to make any kind of decision or change to your life when you suffer from depression so congratulations to you! I wish you every success in this new project and if it frees up more time for creative writing that’s wonderful! I am also glad that you plan to take more time to care for yourself. This is so important but takes a lot of energy and effort. I wish you all the best.
    With love, Clare 🙂

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